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41. Advances in Weld Hydrogen Sensors
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/2002
Authors: David Olson, B. Mishra, R D Smith, S. Niyomsoan, P. Termsuksawad, Y D Park, V I Kaydanov, Z Gavra, Ronald B Goldfarb
Abstract: Through the application of modern physics concepts, advanced hydrogen sensors are being developed for rapid determination of weld hydrogen content and distribution. Electronic, optical, and magnetic property measurements have demonstrated the ability ...

42. Present Results and Future Goals of the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: T. A. Perera, D. Abrams, D. S. Akerib, D. Bruce Bauer, A. Bolozdynya, P. Brink, R. Bunker, B. Cabrera, D. O. Caldwell, J. P. Castle, Fengbo Hang, R. M. Clarke, M. B. Crisler, R. Dixon, D. Driscoll, S. Eichblatt, R. J. Gaitskell, S. R. Golwala, E. E. Haller, J. Hellmig, D. Holmgren, Martin Huber, S. Kamat, C. Maloney, V. Mandic, John M. Martinis, P. Meunier, Sae Woo Nam, Harold E Nelson, M. Perillo-Issac, R. R. Ross, T. Saab, B. Sadoulet, J. Sander, R. W. Schnee, T. Shutt, Amy Smith, A. H. Sonnenschein, A. L. Spadafora, G. Wang
Abstract: The Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS) uses Ge and Si detectors to search for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) via their elastic-scattering interaction with atomic nuclei. The present results from CDMS give limits on the spin-independent ...

43. High-resolution EDS Analysis of Ultra-Thin TaSiN Diffusion Barriers for Cu Metallization using Microcalorimetry
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/2001
Authors: Robert E. Geer, D. Wu, David A Wollman
Abstract: The advent of microcalorimetry for x-ray detectors holds the promise for high-resolution compositional microanalysis applicable to nanometer-scale devices and structures. To demonstrate this capability, microcalorimeter-based energy dispersive x-ray ...

44. Resonance Damping in Tightly Coupled d.c. SQUIDs via Intra-Coil Resistors
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/2001
Authors: Martin Huber, A. H. Steinbach, Ronald H. Ono

45. Jim Zimmerman and the SQUID
Topic: Sensors
Published: 3/1/2001
Author: Richard Lloyd Kautz
Abstract: The career of Jim Zimmerman, beginning with a solid foundation in electronics and cryogenics, reached a turning point in 1965 when he became coinventor of the rf SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), while working at the Scientific Lab ...

46. Guide to the Technologies of Concealed Weapon and Contraband Imaging and Detection
Topic: Sensors
Published: 2/1/2001
Author: Nicholas G Paulter Jr
Abstract: The purpose of the guide is to provide information that will help members of the law enforcement and corrections community, who are present or potential users and operators of CWCIDSs, better understand the operation, limitations, and applicability o ...

47. Hg+ Optical Frequency Standard: Recent Progress
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/2000
Authors: B. Young, R J Rafac, James A Beall, J. E. Cruz, Wayne M Itano, David J Wineland, J. C. Bergquist

48. First Steps Towards Small Arrays of Mo/Au Microcalorimeters
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/1/2000
Authors: J. Olsen, E. C. Kirk, K. Thomsen, B. van den Brandt, Ph. Lerch, L. Scandella, A. Zehnder, S. Mango, H. R. Ott, Martin Huber, Gene C Hilton, John M. Martinis
Abstract: We are developing small arrays of microcalorimeters based on transition edge sensors made with Mo/Au bilayers deposited on silicon nitride membranes and Au absorbers. The superconducting transition of the bilayers is adjusted to be around 130 mK with ...

49. Cryogenic IR/Optical/UV Fast Spectrophotometers for the Study of Time-Variable Astronomical Sources
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/1/2000
Authors: Aaron J. Miller, B. Cabrera, R. W. Romani, John M. Martinis, Sae Woo Nam, David M. Weld, J. P. Castle
Abstract: Our detectors are superconducting Transition-Edge Sensors that have been designed for photon counting in the energy (wavelength) range of 0.5 eV (2.5 micrometers) to 10 eV (124 nm). Our design consists of a 6 x 6 array of 20 micrometers by 20 microme ...

50. Microcalorimeter Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer for Low Voltage Microanalysis
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/1/2000
Authors: David A Wollman, John M. Martinis, Sae Woo Nam, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, David A Rudman, Norman F Bergren, Steven Deiker, Martin Huber, Dale E Newbury
Abstract: Improved x-ray detector technology continues to be a critical metrological need in the semiconductor industry for contaminant particle analysis^u1,2^ and for high-spatial-resolution x-ray microanalysis using low-beam-voltage field-emission scanning e ...

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