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461. Josephson Junctions as Radiation Detectors from Millihertz to Terahertz
Topic: Sensors
Published: 9/1/1974
Author: Donald G McDonald

462. An Application of Superconducting Quantum Interference Magnetometers to Geophysical Prospecting
Topic: Sensors
Published: 7/1/1974
Authors: Nolan V. Frederick, W. D. Stanley, J. E. Zimmerman, R. J. Dinger

463. Magnetic Studies of Oxidized Impurities in Pure Copper Using a SQUID System
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/1974
Authors: F R. Fickett, Donald Sullivan

464. Josephson Junctions at 45 Times the Energy-Gap Frequency
Topic: Sensors
Published: 4/1/1974
Authors: Donald G McDonald, F. R. Petersen, J. D. Cupp, B. L. Danielson, E. G. Johnson

465. Low Temperature Direct Current Comparators
Topic: Sensors
Published: 4/1/1974
Authors: Donald Sullivan, Ronald F. Dziuba

466. Field-Usable Sharpless Wafers for Josephson Effect Devices at Millimeter Waves
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/1/1974
Authors: J. Edrich, J. D. Cupp, Donald G McDonald

467. Spectral Analysis of a Phase Locked Laser at 891 GHz: An Application of Josephson Junctions in the Far Infrared
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/1/1974
Authors: J. S. Wells, Donald G McDonald, A. S. Risley, Susannah Jarvis, J. D. Cupp

468. Superconducting Devices and Materials
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/1/1974
Authors: N. A. Olien, W. S. Goree, Robert A Kamper, M. Nisenoff, S. A. Wolf

469. Measurement of rf Power and Attenuation Using Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 643
Topic: Sensors
Published: 8/1/1973
Authors: Robert A Kamper, M. B. Simmonds, C. A Hoer, R T Adair

470. Rotational Constants for ^u12^C^u16^O^d2^ From Beats Between Lamb-Dip-Stabilized Lasers
Topic: Sensors
Published: 8/1/1973
Authors: F. R. Petersen, Donald G McDonald, J. D. Cupp, B. L. Danielson

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