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101. Physical Model for Random Telegraph Noise Amplitudes and Implications
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 6/12/2012
Authors: Richard G. Southwick, Kin P Cheung, Jason P Campbell, Serghei Drozdov, Jason T Ryan, John S Suehle, Anthony Oates
Abstract: Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) has been shown to surpass random dopant fluctuations as a cause for decananometer device variability, through the measurement of a large number of ultra-scaled devices [1]. The most worrisome aspect of RTN is the tail of ...

102. Physics Careers in Government Agencies
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 3/14/2010
Author: David G Seiler

103. Planning Report 07-2: Economic Impact of Measurement in the Semiconductor Industry
Series: OTHER
Report Number: 07-2
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/31/2007
Author: Gregory C. Tassey
Abstract: The semiconductor industry has long been a driving force behind major advances in computing and electronics. Advances in the speed of processing power have enabled individuals and companies to create, access, and analyze data rapidly, improving ind ...

104. Power Conditioning System Technologies for High-Megawatt Fuel Cell Plants
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 8/7/2008
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr
Abstract: High-megawatt Power Conditioning Systems (PCSs) are required to convert the low-voltage produced by fuel cell modules in central station scale plants to the very much higher voltage levels required for delivery to the grid. As part of a NIST/DOE Inte ...

105. Probing Single Nanometer-Scale Pores with Polymeric Molecular Rulers
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 4/2/2010
Authors: Sarah E Henrickson, Edmund A DiMarzio, Qian Wang, Vincent M Stanford, John J Kasianowicz
Abstract: It has been shown that individual molecules of single stranded DNA can be driven electrophoretically through a single Staphylococcus aureus ?-hemolysin ion channel. Polynucleotides thread through the channel as extended chains and the polymer-induced ...

106. RF, Analog and Mixed Signal Technologies for Communication ICs - an ITRS Perspective
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/10/2006
Authors: W M. Huang, Herbert S Bennett, Julio Costa, Peter Cottrell, Anthony A. Immorlica, Jan-Erik Mueller, Marco Racanelli, Hisashi Shichijo, Charles E. Weitzel, Bin Zhao

107. RF, Analog, and Mixed Signal Technologies for Communication ICs - An ITRS Perspective
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/10/2006
Authors: Margaret Huang, Herbert S Bennett, Julio Costa, Peter Cotrell, Anthony A. Immorlica, Jan-Erik Meuller, Charles E. Weitzel, Marco Racaneli, Hisashi Schichijo, Bin Zhao
Abstract: The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS) Radio Frequency and Analog/Mixed-Signal (RF and AMS) Wireless Technology Working Group (TWG) addresses device technologies for wireless communications covering both silicon-based and III-V ...

108. RM 8111: Development of a Prototype Linewidth Standard
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 5/1/2006
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, William Gutherie, R. Dixon, Richard A Allen, Christine E. Murabito, Joaquin (Jack) Martinez
Abstract: Staff of the Semiconductor Electronics Division, the Information Technology Laboratory, and the Precision Engineering Laboratory at NIST, in collaboration with VLSI Standards, Inc., of San Jose, California, have developed a new generation of prototyp ...

109. Radio Frequency and Analog/Mixed-Signal Technologies
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 1/20/2012
Authors: Herbert S Bennett, John J. Pekarik
Abstract: This 2011 roadmap for radio frequency and analog/mixed-signal (RF and AMS) technologies presents the challenges, technology requirements, and potential solutions for the basic technology elements (transistors and passive devices). RF and AMS technolo ...

110. Raman and Magneto Transport Studies of MBE Grown B-FeSi2, B-(Fe1-xCrx)Si2, and B-(Fe1-xCox)Si2
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 5/1/2002
Authors: A Srujana, A Wadhawan, K Srikala, R L Cottier, W Zhao, Christopher Littler, J M. Perez, T D Golding, Anthony Birdwell, W Henrion, M Rebien, P Stauss, R Glosser

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