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81. Silicon Nanowire NVM Cell Using High-k Dielectric Charge Storage Layer
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 12/5/2008
Authors: Xiaoxiao Zhu, Yang Yang, Qiliang Li, D. E Ioannou, John S Suehle, Curt A Richter
Abstract: Si nanowire (SiNW) channel non-volatile memory (NVM) cells were fabricated by a 'self-alignment' process. First, a layer of thermal SiO2 was grown on a silicon wafer by dry oxidation, and the SiNWs were then grown by chemical vapor deposition in pre- ...

82. Extraction of Sheet Resistance and Line Width from All-Copper ECD Test Structures Fabricated from Silicon Preforms
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 11/3/2008
Authors: Byron J Shulver, Andrew S Bunting, Alan Gundlach, Les I Haworth, Alan W Ross, Stewart Smith, Anthony J Snell, J. Tom Stevenson, Anthony Walton, Richard A Allen, Michael W Cresswell
Abstract: Test structures have been fabricated to allow Electrical Critical Dimensions (ECD) to be extracted from copper features with dimensions comparable to those replicated in IC interconnect systems. The implementation of these structures is such that no ...

83. Monitoring I/Q data and pulse carving misalignments in RZ-DQPSK transmitters using a neural network approach
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 11/1/2008
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Xiaoxia Wu, Louis Christen, Alan Willner, Loukas Paraschis
Abstract: We propose a technique using artificial neural networks (ANNs) to simultaneously identify I/Q data misalignment and data/carver misalignment in both parallel-type and serial-type RZ-DQPSK transmitters. A correlation coefficient of 0.99 is obtained by ...

84. Organic single crystal field-effect transistors of a soluble anthradithiophene
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/22/2008
Authors: Oana Jurchescu, Sankar Subramanian, R J Kline, Steven D Hudson, John E Anthony, Thomas Jackson, David J Gundlach
Abstract: We use single crystals (grown by physical vapor transport) of a soluble oligomer to obtain a better understanding of the intrinsic properties, limitations and potential of these materials. Single crystals are well-suited for studies exploring the eff ...

85. The Origins of Random Telegraph Noise in Highly Scaled SiON nMOSFETs
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/17/2008
Authors: Jason P Campbell, Jin Qin, Kin P Cheung, Liangchun Yu, John S Suehle, A Oates, Kuang Sheng
Abstract: Random telegraph noise (RTN) has recently become an important issue in advanced circuit performance. It has also recently been used as a tool for gate dielectric defect profiling. In this work, we show that the widely accepted model thought to govern ...

86. The transient behavior of NBTI - A new prospective
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/17/2008
Authors: Kin P Cheung, Jason P Campbell
Abstract: The Negative-Bias-Temperature-Instability (NBTI) is currently one of the most serious reliability issues in advanced CMOS technology. Specifically, the fast recovery of NBTI degradation immediately after stress is removed has recently become a hot to ...

87. Oxide Reliability of SiC MOS Devices
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 10/12/2008
Authors: Liangchun Yu, Kin P Cheung, Jason P Campbell, John S Suehle, Kuang Sheng
Abstract: Silicon carbide possesses excellent material properties for high temperature, high frequency and high power applications. Among all the device structures, MOSFET has advantages such as low gate leakage current, easier device control etc., and therefo ...

88. An Accurate Capacitance-Voltage Measurement Method for Highly Leaky Devices
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Yun Wang, Kin P Cheung, Y.J. Choi, Byoung Hun Lee
Abstract: Accurate CV measurement becomes extremely difficult in advanced CMOS technology due to high level of leakage across the gate dielectric. Recently, a new Time-Domain-Reflectometry (TDR) based CV measurement method was introduced. This new method offer ...

89. Improved Performance of Schottky Diodes on Pendeo-Epitaxial Gallium Nitride
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Lawrence H Robins, T Zheleva, M Derenge, D Ewing, P Shah, K Jones, U Lee
Abstract: We designed experiments to investigate the role of the dislocation density on the performance of Schottky diodes fabricated on GaN material grown conventionally and by pendeo-epitaxy.  Devices of varying geometries were fabricated on the low def ...

90. Power Conditioning System Technologies for High-Megawatt Fuel Cell Plants
Topic: Semiconductors
Published: 8/7/2008
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr
Abstract: High-megawatt Power Conditioning Systems (PCSs) are required to convert the low-voltage produced by fuel cell modules in central station scale plants to the very much higher voltage levels required for delivery to the grid. As part of a NIST/DOE Inte ...

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