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61. Electromagnetic Airframe Penetration Measurements for the FAA Bombardier Global 5000
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1547
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/2/2008
Authors: Chriss A. Grosvenor, David R Novotny, Dennis G. Camell, Galen H Koepke, Robert Johnk
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently completed shielding effectiveness/penetration studies on three different aircraft types for the Federal Aviation Administration. The studies are used to understand the cavity coupling ch ...

62. Metrology Triangle Using a Watt Balance, a Calculable Capacitor, and a Single- Electron Tunneling Device
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 5/16/2008
Authors: Mark W Keller, Francois PM Piquemal, Nicolas Feltin, Barthelemy Steck, Laurent Devoille
Abstract: The combination of a Watt balance, a calculable capacitor, and a single-electron tunneling device forms a triangle that yields a value for the single-electron charge quantum $Q_{\rm{S}}$ in terms of the SI coulomb. Importantly, this result is indepen ...

63. Comparison of Two AC Programmable Josephson Voltage Standards Using Sampling Methods
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 4/21/2008
Authors: Alain Rufenacht, Charles J Burroughs, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: We have performed a variety of comparison measurements between ac waveforms generated by two independent ac programmable Josephson voltage standard (ACPJVS) systems. The objective of these experiments was to demonstrate the effectiveness of using a s ...

64. Development of a 60 Hz Power Standard using SNS Programmable Josephson Voltage Standards
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 4/7/2008
Authors: Charles J Burroughs, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus, Yonuk Chong, Bryan C Waltrip, Thomas L Nelson, J. Williams, D. Henderson, P. Patel, Luis Palafox, Ralf Behr
Abstract: We are implementing a new standard for 60 Hz power based on precision sinusoidal reference voltages from two independent Programmable Josephson Voltage Standards (PJVS) (one for voltage and one for current). The NIST PJVS systems use series arrays of ...

65. Demonstration of a quantum controlled-NOT gate in the telecom band
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 4/4/2008
Authors: Jun Chen, Joseph B Altepeter, Milja Medic, Fook Lee Kim, Burc Gokden, Robert Hadfield, Sae Woo Nam, Prem Kumar
Abstract: We present the first quantum controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate realized using a fiber-based indistinguishable photon-pair source in the 1.55 {mu}m telecommunications band. Using this free-space CNOT gate, all four Bell states are produced and fully characte ...

66. AC-DC Transfer Standard Measurements and Generalized Compensation with the AC Josephson Voltage Standard
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 4/1/2008
Authors: Oliver F kieler, Regis Landim, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus, Charles J Burroughs
Abstract: This paper presents ac-dc transfer standard measurements using the NIST pulse-driven ac Josephson voltage standard source. We have investigated the frequency dependence for several output voltages up to 200 mV for frequencies from 2.5 kHz to 100 kHz. ...

67. Large array of multiplexed gamma-ray microcalorimeters for nuclear-materials analysis
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 1/24/2008
Authors: William Bertrand Doriese, Joel Nathan Ullom, James A Beall, William Duncan, S. Lisa Ferreira, Gene C Hilton, Robert Daniel Horansky, Kent D Irwin, John A B Mates, Carl D Reintsema, Daniel Richard Schmidt, Leila R Vale, Yizi Xu, Barry L. Zink, Michael W Rabin, Minesh K Bacrania, Stephen Lamont, Andrew Hoover, Clifford R Rudy, Duc Vo, C. K. Stahle, Kevin R Boyce, Larry E Brown, Jonathan M King, F. S. Porter
Abstract: We are developing a gamma-ray spectrometer for the analysis of nuclear materials based on an array of superconducting transition-edge-sensor microcalorimeters. The instrument includes eight columns of time-division-SQUID multiplexing circuitry capabl ...

68. Performance of a Cryocooled Nb DC Programmable Voltage Standard at 4 K
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 12/3/2007
Authors: Robert J Webber, Charles J Burroughs, Masoud Radparvar
Abstract: We report on the performance of a 1 Volt DC programmable Josephson voltage standard (PJVS) operating on a commercially available Gifford-McMahon (G-M) cryocooler at 4 K. The NIST-fabricated niobium superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) jun ...

69. Uncertainty budget for the NIST Electron Counting Capacitance Standard, ECCS- 1
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 11/21/2007
Authors: Mark W Keller, Neil M Zimmerman, Ali L Eichenberger
Abstract: We measure a cryogenic, vacuum-gap capacitor by two methods: 1) charging it with a known number of electrons and measuring the resulting voltage, and 2) using a capacitance bridge traceable to the SI farad. We report a detailed uncertainty budget for ...

70. ACJVS Operating Margins using a Ternary Arbitrary Bitstream Generator
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/22/2007
Authors: Ernest Houtzager, Samuel Paul Benz, Helko vanden Brom
Abstract: In this paper we present measurements with a pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard (ACJVS) that uses a ternary arbitrary bitstream generator as the bias source. From these measurements we conclude that the circuit is operational for voltages up ...

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