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41. Application of the Josephson Effect to Metrology
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Samuel Paul Benz, Clark Hamilton
Abstract: The unique ability of a Josephson junction to control the flow of magnetic flux quanta leads to a perfect relationship between frequency and voltage. Over the last 30 years, metrology laboratories have used this effect to greatly improve the accura ...

42. All-NbN Digital-to-Analog Converters for a Programmable Voltage Standard
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 11/21/2001
Authors: Hirotake Yamamori, M. Itoh, H. Sasaki, A. Shoji, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus
Abstract: Five-bit all-NbN digital-to-analog converters (DACs) for a programmable voltage standard have been fabricated using NbN/TiNx/NbN Josephson junctions and their operation has been demonstrated. The DAC consists of six arrays of 128, 128, 256, 512, 1024 ...

43. Broadband Josephson Voltage Standards
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 5/20/2001
Authors: Clark A. Hamilton, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: A Josephson junction is a perfect frequency to voltage converter, that is, V=f/K^dj^ where K^dj^ = 483597.9 GHz/V. This unique property has been used to convert a narrow (1 Hz) band 75 GHz reference frequency to a dc voltage standard. Josephson stand ...

44. Operating Margins for a Superconducting Voltage Waveform Synthesizer
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Samuel Paul Benz, Clark A. Hamilton, Charles J Burroughs
Abstract: Operating margins for biolar superconducting voltage waveform synthesizer were measured. Current ranges were determined for 101 equally spaced dc voltage steps between - 18.6 and + 18.6 mV. The measured voltages of these steps deviated from the exp ...

45. Progress Toward an AC Josephson Voltage Standard
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/1/1996
Authors: Clark A. Hamilton, Charles J Burroughs, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: Progress toward a Josephson voltage standrd for fast dc measurements and ac waveform synthesis is described, including a version with SNS junctions operated at 11 GHz. A bias control circuit that achieves millampere drive capability, transient suppr ...

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