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11. Measurement of the Boltzmann Constant with Noise Thermometry at NIM
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 8/24/2014
Authors: Jifeng Qu, Kunli Zhou, Horst Rogalla, Samuel Paul Benz, Yunfeng Fu
Abstract: Since 2010 we have been developing a quantum-voltage-calibrated Johnson noise thermometer at NIM to measure the Boltzmann constant k. With recent improvements in grounding and shielding of the electronics, and matching of the noise sources and t ...

12. Systematic Error Resolved in NIST Johnson Noise Thermometer
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 8/24/2014
Authors: Alessio Pollarolo, Weston Leo Tew, Horst Rogalla, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: In the Johnson Noise Thermometry approach, Boltzmann‰s constant k is obtained as the ratio of the noise power measured across a sense resistor at the triple point of water and the noise power measured for a synthesized reference waveform. The ref ...

13. Millimeter Wave Detection via Autler-Townes Splitting in Rubidium Rydberg Atoms
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 7/17/2014
Authors: Joshua A Gordon, Christopher L Holloway, Andrew Schwarzkopf, Dave Anderson, Stephanie Miller, Nithiwadee Thaicharoen, Georg Raithel
Abstract: In this paper we demonstrate the detection of millimeter waves via Autler-Townes splitting in 85Rb Rydberg atoms. This method may provide an independent atomic-based SI-traceable method for measuring mm-wave electric fi elds, which addresses a gap in ...

14. Absorptive Limiter for Frequency Selective Circuits
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/1/2014
Authors: Juan C. Collado Gomez, Eduard Rocas, James C Booth, Jordi Mateu, J. M. O'Callaghan, J. Verdu, A. Hueltes
Abstract: This paper describes a novel absorptive limiter for frequency selective circuits. The proposed circuit allows the design of absorptive limiters based on a bi-state phase shifter, which is appropriate for integration into channelizing devices, ...

15. Development of a Quantum-Voltage-Calibrated Noise Thermometer at NIM
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 9/11/2013
Authors: Jifeng Qu, Samuel Paul Benz, Jianqiang Zhang, Horst Rogalla, Yang Fu, Alessio Pollarolo, Jintao Zhang
Abstract: A quantum-voltage-calibrated Johnson-noise thermometer was developed at NIM, which measures the Boltzmann constant k through comparing the thermal noise across a 100  sense resistor at the temperature of the triple point water to the comb-lik ...

16. Johnson-noise thermometry based on a quantized-voltage noise source at NIST
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 9/11/2013
Authors: Alessio Pollarolo, Tae H. Jeong, Samuel Paul Benz, Paul David Dresselhaus, Horst Rogalla, Weston Leo Tew
Abstract: Johnson Noise Thermometry is an electronic approach to measuring temperature. For several years, NIST has been developing a switching-correlator-type Johnson-noise thermometer that uses a quantized voltage noise source as an accurate voltage referenc ...

17. Direct Comparison of two NIST PJVS systems at 10 V
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 8/27/2013
Authors: Stephane Solve, Alain Rufenacht, Charles J Burroughs, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: Two NIST Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard (PJVS) systems have been directly compared at 10V using different nanovoltmeters at the temperature of the laboratory. These PJVS systems use arrays double-stacked superconducting-niobium Josephson ...

18. Preparation of Non-equilibrium Nuclear Spin States in Double Quantum Dots
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 7/15/2013
Authors: Jacob M Taylor, Michael Gullans, Jacob J Krich, Bertrand I Halperin, M D Lukin
Abstract: We theoretically study the dynamic polarization of lattice nuclear spins in GaAs double quantum dots containing two electrons. We introduce a semiclassical model that allows to explore a wide range of parameter regimes in this system. We identify thr ...

19. Differential sampling measurement of a 7 V rms Sine Wave with a Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/1/2013
Authors: Alain Rufenacht, Charles J Burroughs, Paul David Dresselhaus, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: A 10 V programmable Josephson voltage standard has enabled sine waves with voltages up to 7 V rms to be accurately measured with a differential sampling measurement technique. Expanding the voltage range for this technique enables direct calibration ...

20. Flat Frequency Response in the Electronic Measurement of the Boltzmann Constant
Topic: Quantum Electrical Measurements
Published: 6/1/2013
Authors: Jifeng Qu, Horst Rogalla, Yang Fu, Jianqiang Zhang, Alessio Pollarolo, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: A new quantum voltage calibrated Johnson noise thermometer (JNT) was developed at NIM to demonstrate the electrical approach that determines the Boltzmann constant k by comparing electrical and thermal noise power. A measurement with an integration p ...

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