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21. Comparison of Large-Signal-Network-Analyzer Calibrations
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 2/5/2010
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Catherine A Remley, Joe Gering, Grand Aivazian
Abstract: We develop a procedure and metrics for comparing large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations. The metrics we develop provide a bound on differences between measurements obtained from large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations, as well as more specific ...

22. Comparison of Methods for Adapter Characterization
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: James Paul Randa, Wojciech Wiatr, Robert L Billinger

23. Comparison of Microwave Black-Body Target Radiometric Measurements
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 7/30/2010
Authors: David K Walker, Dazhen Gu, Katherine MacReynolds, Randy Direen, James Paul Randa, Amanda Cox, Derek Anderson Houtz, Robert L Billinger
Abstract: Accurate characterization of the brightness temperature (T_B) of black-body targets used for calibrating microwave remote-sensing radiometers includes many inputs: antenna pattern and loss, target temperature, target emissivity, mechanical alignment, ...

24. Comparison of Passive Intermodulation Measurements for the U. S. Wireless Industry
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1515
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Donald C. DeGroot
Abstract: In response to requests by U.S. industry and members of the International Electrotechnical Commission, the National Institute of Standards and Technology initiated a passive intermodulation measurement comparison for the U.S. wireless industry.

25. Comparison of Sub-Millimeter-Wave Scattering-Parameter Calibrations with Imperfect Electrical Ports
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 1/1/2012
Author: Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We develop a metric to quantify the accuracy with which measured scattering parameters can be cascaded. We use the metric to compare four rectangular-waveguide calibration strategies at sub-millimeter wavelengths that correct for electrical-port impe ...

26. Compensation for Geometrical Variations in Coplanar Waveguide Probe-Tip Calibration
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 4/1/1997
Authors: David K Walker, Dylan F Williams

27. Computation of Causal Characteristic Impedences
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 6/12/2000
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Ronald Curtis Wittmann

28. Design and Testing of NFRad - A New Noise Measurement System
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1518
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 3/1/2000
Authors: Chriss A. Grosvenor, James Paul Randa, Robert L Billinger
Abstract: The NIST Noise project has constructed and tested a new, automated, coaxial (GPC-7) radiometer for the measurement of noise sources in the 8-12 GHz frequency band. It is an isolated, total-power radiometer that relies on lookup tables for relevant re ...

29. Developing Frequency-Domain Models for Nonlinear Circuits Based on Large-Signal Measurements
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 8/17/2002
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Kuldip Gupta, Dominique Schreurs, Donald C. DeGroot

30. Dielectric characterization by microwave cavity perturbation corrected for non-uniform fields
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 7/23/2014
Authors: Nathan Daniel Orloff, Jan Obrzut, Christian John Long, Thomas Fung Lam, James C Booth, David R Novotny, James Alexander Liddle, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: The non-uniform fields that occur due to the slot in the cavity through which the sample is inserted and those due to the sample geometry itself decrease the accuracy of dielectric characterization by cavity perturbation at microwave frequencies. ...

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