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1. A Genetic Algorithm for Generating RF Circuit Models from Calibrated Broadband Measurements
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 12/1/2011
Author: Thomas M Wallis
Abstract: A genetic algorithm has been developed to generate circuit models from calibrated broadband measurements of coaxial and on-wafer devices under test (DUTs). The algorithm randomly builds a population of circuit models from lumped as well as distribute ...

2. A near-field scanning microwave microscope for characterization of inhomogeneous photovoltaics
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 8/10/2012
Authors: Joel C Weber, Kristine A Bertness, John B. Schlager, Norman A Sanford, Atif A. Imtiaz, Thomas M Wallis, Pavel Kabos, Kevin J Coakley, Victor Bright, Lorelle M. Mansfield
Abstract: We present a near field scanning microwave microscope (NSMM) optimized for imaging photovoltaic samples. Our system incorporates a cut Pt-Ir tip inserted into an open ended coaxial cable to form a weak resonator, allowing the microwave reflection S1 ...

3. Amplifier Noise Measurements at NIST
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 4/1/1997
Authors: D. F. Wait, James Paul Randa

4. An Approximate Approach to Determining the Permittivity and Permeability near Lambda/2 Resonances in Transmission/Reflection Measurements
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 3/1/2014
Authors: Sung Kim, Michael D. Janezic, James R. Baker-Jarvis
Abstract: We present a simple and straightforward approximate approach to removing resonant artifacts that arise in the material parameters extracted near half-wavelength resonances that arise from transmission/reflection (T/R) measurements on low-loss materia ...

5. An Investigation of Antenna Characterization Techniques in Microwave Remote Sensing Calibrations
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 7/22/2012
Authors: Derek Anderson Houtz, Dazhen Gu, David K Walker, James Paul Randa
Abstract: We compare three methods of quantifying illumination efficiency (IE). The ratio IE describes the contribution of energy emitted from a blackbody target to the total energy measured at an antenna aperture in a free-space microwave calibration target r ...

6. Analysis for Dynamic Metrology
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 1/30/2014
Authors: Andrew M Dienstfrey, Paul D Hale
Abstract: Diverse measurement contexts require estimates of time varying quantities. Ideally the measurement device responds to signal variations significantly more rapidly than the modulation of the signal itself. If so, then well-developed techniques may b ...

7. Broadband Measurements of Nanofiber Devices: Repeatability and Random Error Analysis
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 11/30/2010
Authors: Thomas M Wallis, Atif A. Imtiaz, SangHyun S. Lim, Pavel Kabos, Kichul Kim, Paul Rice, Dejan Filipovic
Abstract: On-wafer, broadband measurements of two-port nanofiber devices were made in order to test the short-term repeatability of a widely used measurement approach that builds on established on-wafer calibration techniques. The test devices used in this stu ...

8. Colored Noise and Regularization Parameter Selection for Waveform Metrology
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 7/8/2014
Authors: Andrew M Dienstfrey, Paul D Hale
Abstract: We study six regularization parameter selection algorithms applied to deconvolution problems relevant for characterization of high-speed communication measurement systems. In particular we investigate the performance of these selectors in the presen ...

9. Comparison of Microwave Black-Body Target Radiometric Measurements
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 7/30/2010
Authors: David K Walker, Dazhen Gu, Katherine MacReynolds, Randy Direen, James Paul Randa, Amanda Cox, Derek Anderson Houtz, Robert L. Billinger
Abstract: Accurate characterization of the brightness temperature (T_B) of black-body targets used for calibrating microwave remote-sensing radiometers includes many inputs: antenna pattern and loss, target temperature, target emissivity, mechanical alignment, ...

10. Contactless Approaches for RF Characterization of Metallic Nanowires
Topic: Microwave Measurement Services
Published: 9/28/2010
Authors: Kichul Kim, Paul Rice, Thomas M Wallis, SangHyun S. Lim, Dazhen Gu, Atif A. Imtiaz, Pavel Kabos, Dejan Filipovic
Abstract: Two approaches for microwave characterization of nanowire (NW) conductivity are described in this paper. To remove the uncertainty associated with contacts, the NWs are either suspended above the center conductor of a coplanar waveguide (CPW) host or ...

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