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51. Impact of RF Interference between a Passive RFID System and a Frequency Hopping Communications System in the 900 MHz ISM Band
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/25/2010
Author: Michael R Souryal
Abstract: We present experimental measurements and analysis of RF interference between a passive RFID system and a generic frequency hopping communications system in the 902 928 MHz ISM radio band. Interference in both directions is considered, RFID to communi ...

52. Characterization of Tissue-Equivalent Materials for High-Frequency Applications (200 MHz to 20 GHz)
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1554
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/1/2010
Authors: James R. Baker-Jarvis, Sung Kim, Luke Leschallinger, Justin Johnson, Brad Givot
Abstract: The purpose of this report is to summarize the characterization of a number of high-frequency solid, liquid, and semisolid tissue-equivalent materials, from 200 MHz to 20 GHz. Carbon black and liquid mixtures were studied, but were found to be uns ...

53. Two modes behavior of vortex oscillations in spin-transfer nanocontacts subject to in-plane magnetic fields
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 6/25/2010
Authors: Michaela Kuepferling, Claudio Serpico, Matthew R Pufall, William H Rippard, Thomas M Wallis, Atif A. Imtiaz, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: The field dependence of vortex oscillations in a spin-transfer metallic nanocontact, subject to in-plane, spatially uniform, external fields, is studied by measuring the power spectral density of the voltage across the device. The measured spectra ...

54. High-Frequency Dielectric Measurements: A Tutorial
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 4/1/2010
Authors: James R. Baker-Jarvis, Michael D Janezic, Donald C. DeGroot
Abstract: KNOWLEDGE of the response of materials to electromagnetic (EM) fields in the frequency range of radio frequency (RF) through terahertz (THz) is critical to numerous research projects and electronic product development activities. Electromagnetic wave ...

55. Transport in Electromagnetic Metrology Based on Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 11/3/2009
Authors: James R. Baker-Jarvis, Jack T Surek
Abstract: Current research is probing transport on ever smaller scales. Modeling of the electromagnetic interaction with nanoparticles or small collections of dipoles and its associated the energy transport and nonequilibrium characteristics requires a deta ...

56. Unified Model for Bulk Acoustic Wave Resonators‰ Nonlinear Effects
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 9/20/2009
Authors: Eduard Rocas, Juan C. Collado Gomez, James C Booth, Enrique Iborra, Robert Aigner
Abstract: We present a nonlinear model for Bulk Acoustic Wave resonators that combines different sources of nonlinearity, using device-independent material specific parameters, to predict the intermodulation and harmonics generation. The actual model accounts ...

57. Electromagnetic Penetration Studies for Three Different Aircraft
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/17/2009
Authors: Chriss A. Grosvenor, David R Novotny, Dennis G. Camell, Galen H. Koepke, Robert Johnk, Nino Canales
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has completed penetration studies on three different aircraft for the Federal Aviation Administration. These studies are used to understand cavity coupling characteristics between antennas placed at ...

58. Potential Interference Issues between FCC Part 15 Compliant UHF ISM Emitters and Equipment Passing Standard Immunity Testing Requirements
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/17/2009
Authors: David R Novotny, Jeffrey R Guerrieri, Daniel G Kuester
Abstract: The potential of electromagnetic (EM) interference between multi-channel, FCC Part 15 UHF (902-928 MHz) ISM [1] emitters and devices that have passed immunity requirements under international standards [2] is examined. At close ranges, the fields fr ...

59. Uncertainty Analysis for Noise-Parameter Measurements at NIST
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 4/9/2009
Author: James Paul Randa
Abstract: The uncertainty analysis is presented for NIST measurements of noise parameters of amplifiers and transistors, in both connectorized (coaxial) and on-wafer environments. We treat both the X-parameters, which are based on the wave representation of t ...

60. EEEL Technical Accomplishments
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7568
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/30/2009
Author: Erik M Secula
Abstract: This document describes the technical work of the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory. In this report, you will find that EEEL researchers are developing the world's most advanced sensors, providing advanced gamma ray imagers for astro ...

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