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21. Resilience of the Built Environment: A White Paper
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 9/26/2011
Author: Therese P McAllister
Abstract: N/A

22. Structural Design for Disaster Resilience
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 10/28/2013
Authors: Fahim Sadek, Joseph A Main, John L Gross, Therese P McAllister
Abstract: This paper presents a brief overview of research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on disaster resilience of buildings, infrastructure, and communities, including component programs and projects. NIST‰s efforts aim at deve ...

23. Structural design for fire conditions: reliability-based resistance criteria
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 5/4/2013
Authors: Therese P McAllister, Bruce Ellingwood
Abstract: The new paradigm of performance-based fire engineering (PBFE), with its systematic approach to identifying building performance objectives, quantitative structural analysis to verify that these objectives have been achieved, and management of uncerta ...

24. Test Report-Exposure and Ambient dose Equivalent Rate Measurements in Support of the ITRAP+10 Testing
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1800
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 8/1/2013
Authors: Leticia S Pibida, Ronaldo Minniti, Larry Lee Lucas, C Michelle O'Brien
Abstract: In this work we studied the response of two different Victoreen® instruments as a function of the exposure rate, the instrument orientation and photon energy. The rate dependence for both instruments is of the order of 8 % over the range of expos ...

25. The Need for Behavioral Theory in Evacuation Modeling
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 2/1/2010
Authors: Erica D Kuligowski, Steve M.V. Gwynne
Abstract: This paper posits the need for comprehensive theories about human behavior in fire evacuations. These would be of value in and of themselves to improve training, education, and future data collection efforts, but would also allow for a complete behav ...

26. The Performance of Essential Facilities in Superstorm Sandy
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 4/4/2014
Author: Therese P McAllister
Abstract: Superstorm Sandy affected the functionality of a number of essential buildings and facilities in the flooded areas of New York and New Jersey. The flood elevations exceeded design-level floods in many locations, as defined by FIRM maps and codes and ...

27. The new and improved NIST Dragon‰s LAIR (Lofting and Ignition Research) Facility: Coupling the Reduced Scale Continuous Feed Firebrand Generator to Bench Scale Wind Tunnel
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 10/12/2011
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki
Abstract: The present investigation was undertaken to construct a new and improved Dragon‰s LAIR facility. This entailed removing the NIST Baby Dragon from the wind tunnel facility and inserting the new and improved NIST continuous feed Baby Dragon. The uni ...

28. Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Research Needs- Summary Report
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1150
Topic: Homeland Security and Disaster Resilience
Published: 5/14/2013
Authors: Nelson P Bryner, Erik L Johnsson
Abstract: In response to the increasing losses due to WUI fires and to ensure that measurement science keeps pace with needed improvements in materials, fire-resistant design, mitigation response, and building and fire codes, NIST sponsored the Workshop ...

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