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551. Progress on a portable rubidium fountain frequency standard
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/1/2008
Authors: Paul David Kunz, Thomas Patrick Heavner, Steven R Jefferts
Abstract: We are developing a simple and transportable laser-cooled rubidium (Rb) atomic fountain frequency standard. The optical package for this system uses DFB (distributed feedback) diode lasers and a frequency offset locking scheme to generate the optica ...

552. Prolonging qubit coherence: dynamic decoupling schemes studied in a Penning ion trap
Topic: Physics
Published: 2/2/2009
Authors: Hermann Uys, Michael J. Biercuk, Aaron Vandevender, N. Shiga, Wayne M Itano, John J Bollinger
Abstract: We present a study of dynamical decoupling schemes for the suppression of phase erros due to various noise environments using ions in a Penning ion trap as a model ensemble of qubits. By injecting frequency noise we demonstrate that in an Ohmic noi ...

553. Propagation of Vortex Electron Wave Functions in a Magnetic Field
Topic: Physics
Published: 7/5/2012
Authors: Gregg M. Gallatin, Ben McMorran
Abstract: The physics of coherent beams of photons carrying axial orbital angular momentum (OAM) is well understood and such beams, sometimes known as vortex beams, have found applications in optics and microscopy. Recently electron beams carrying very large ...

554. Quamtum coherence between two atoms beyond Q=10^u15^
Topic: Physics
Published: 4/22/2011
Authors: Chin W. Chou, David Hume, Michael J. (Michael) Thorpe, David J Wineland, Till P Rosenband
Abstract: We place two atoms in quantum superposition states and observe coherent phase evolution for 3.4 {multiply} 10^u15^ cycles. Correlation signals from the two atoms yield information about their relative phase even after the probe radiation has decoher ...

555. Quantitative Measurements of the Size Scaling of Linear and Circular DNA in Nanofluidic Slitlike Confinement
Topic: Physics
Published: 2/14/2012
Authors: Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan, Laurie E Locascio, Samuel M Stavis
Abstract: Quantitative size measurements of single linear and circular DNA molecules in nanofluidic slitlike confinement are reported. A novel experimental method using DNA entropophoresis down a nanofluidic staircase implemented comprehensive variation of sl ...

556. Quantum Computing With Ions
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: David J Wineland, C Monroe
Abstract: This article briefly describes methods to generate entanglement and implement quantum information processing with the use of trapped ions. It is intended to give a simple introduction to the techniques involved, the status of the field and indicate f ...

557. Quantum Computing with Very Noisy Devices
Topic: Physics
Published: 2/13/2007
Author: Emanuel H Knill
Abstract: This lecture was presented at the Workshop on Trapped Ion Quantum Computing hosted by NIST, February 21 - 24, 2006. It discussed the basic principles of fault-tolerant architectures for quantum computing, why we should be concerned with the resources ...

558. Quantum engineering of atomic phase shifts in optical clocks
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/24/2014
Authors: Andrew D Ludlow, T Zanon-willette, S. Almonacil, E. de Clercq, Ennio Arimondo
Abstract: Quantum engineering of time-separated Raman laser pulses in three-level systems is presented to produce an ultra-narrow, optical-clock transition free from light shifts and with a significantly reduced sensitivity to laser parameter fluctuations. B ...

559. Quantum information processing and metrology with trapped ions
Topic: Physics
Published: 1/25/2011
Authors: David J Wineland, Dietrich G Leibfried
Abstract: The use of trapped atomic ions in the field of quantum information processing is briefly reviewed. We summarize the basic mechanisms required for logic gates and the use of the gates in demonstrating simple algorithms. We discuss the potential of tra ...

560. Quantum information processing with trapped ions
Topic: Physics
Published: 7/25/2004
Authors: Murray D Barrett, Tobias Schaetz, J Chiaverini, Dietrich G Leibfried, Joseph Wright Britton, Wayne M Itano, John D. Jost, Emanuel H Knill, C. Langer, R Ozeri, David J Wineland
Abstract: We report experiments on the creation and manipulation ofmulti-particle entangled states of trapped atomic ions. The experiments reported here, quantum dense coding and quantum teleportation, constitute a significant step toward performing large-scal ...

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