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21. High-Power and High-Linearity Photodetector Modules for Microwave Photonic Applications
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/15/2014
Authors: Frederick Nicholas Baynes, Efthymios Rouvalis, Xiaojun Xie, Qiugui Zhou, Franklyn J Quinlan, Tara Michele Fortier, Scott A Diddams, Andreas G Steffan, Andreas Beling, Joe C Campbell
Abstract: We demonstrate hermetically packaged InGaAs/InP photodetector modules for high performance microwave photonic applications. The devices employ an advanced photodiode epitaxial layer known as the modified uni-traveling carrier photodiode (MUTC-PD) wit ...

22. Improvements in SIM Time Network and SIM Time Scale Performance
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/10/2014
Authors: Michael A Lombardi, J. Mauricio Lopez-Romero, Nelida Diaz-Munoz, E. de Carlos-Lopez, Marina Gertsvolf, Ricardo de Carvalho
Abstract: We report recent results achieved within the Sistema Interamericano de Metrología (SIM) regarding the multinational cooperation program in the field of time and frequency metrology. We discuss the performance of the SIM Time Network (SIMTN) and the S ...

23. Weak Localization, Spin Relaxation, and Spin-Diffusion: Crossover Between Weak and Strong Rashba Coupling Limits
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/17/2014
Authors: Yasufumi Araki, Guru Bahadur S Khalsa, Allan H. MacDonald
Abstract: Disorder scattering and spin-orbit coupling are together responsible for the diffusion and relaxation of spin-density in time-reversal invariant systems. We study spin-relaxation and diffusion in a two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit ...

24. Photon-number uncertainty in a superconducting transition-edge sensor beyond resolved-photon-number determination
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/10/2014
Authors: Zachary H Levine, Boris L. Glebov, Alan L Migdall, Thomas Gerrits, Brice R. Calkins, Adriana Eleni Lita, Sae Woo Nam
Abstract: As part of an effort to extend fundamental single-photon measurements into the macroscopic regime, we explore how best to assign photon-number uncertainties to output waveforms of a superconducting Transition Edge Sensor (TES) and how those assignmen ...

25. An Improvement of RINEX-Shift Algorithm for Continuous GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/8/2014
Authors: Jian Yao, Judah Levine
Abstract: The wide application of GPS carrier-phase (CP) time transfer is limited by the problem of boundary discontinuity. The RINEX-Shift (RS) algorithm was designed to solve this problem. However, if there are GPS data anomalies, the time transfer result co ...

26. A 40 GHz Air-Dielectric Cavity Oscillator with Low Phase Modulation
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/1/2014
Authors: Archita Hati, Craig W Nelson, Billy F Riddle, David Allan Howe
Abstract: We describe the design of a low-phase modulated (PM) noise, 40 GHz oscillator that uses a conventional air-dielectric cavity resonator as a frequency discriminator to improve the PM noise of a commercial 10 GHz dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) f ...

27. Reducing oscillator PM noise from AM-PM noise correlaiton
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/14/2014
Authors: Archita Hati, Craig W Nelson, David Allan Howe
Abstract: We present a new scheme for improving the phase modulated (PM) noise of an oscillator from correlation between amplitude modulated (AM) and PM noise. Experimental results of this correlation effect are presented. An improvement of almost 10 dB in th ...

28. The Half-Life of 209Po : Revisited
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/13/2014
Authors: Ronald Colle, Ryan P Fitzgerald, Lizbeth Laureano-Perez
Abstract: A substantial 25 % error in the then known and accepted (102  5) year half-life of 209Po was reported on in 2007. This error was detected from decay data from two separate primary standardizations of a 209Po solution standard, which were perf ...

29. Measurement of High-Energy (10 keV to 60 keV) X-Ray Spectral Line Widths with eV Accuracy
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/8/2014
Authors: John F Seely, Jack Leigh Glover, Lawrence T Hudson, Yuri Ralchenko, Nino R. Pereira, U. Feldman, C. Di Stefan
Abstract: A high resolution crystal spectrometer (HRCS) utilizing a crystal in transmission geometry has been developed and experimentally optimized to measure the line widths of emission lines in the 10 keV to 60 keV energy range with eV accuracy. The spectro ...

30. Optically-Pumped Magnetometers for MEG
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/8/2014
Authors: Svenja A Knappe, Tillman H. Sander, Lutz Trahms
Abstract: Optically-pumped magnetometers (OPMs) have seen rapid progress over the last decade in terms of performance and technology development. As highly sensitive room-temperature magnetometers they present several advantages over SQUID sensors, such as the ...

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