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1. Spin Hall Effect and Irreversible Thermodynamics; Center-to-Edge Transverse Current-Induced Voltage
Topic: Physics
Published: 1/5/2015
Author: Wayne Mark Saslow
Abstract: We examine the Dyakonov and Perel theory of the Spin Hall Effect from the viewpoint of irreversible thermodynamics. As thermodynamic driving forces we include the effect of the thermal gradient, the gradient of the electrochemical potential (rather ...

2. PM Noise Measurement at W-Band
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/12/2014
Authors: Archita Hati, Craig W Nelson, David Allan Howe
Abstract: We present improved performance for a 92 - 96 GHz cross-spectrum phase modulated (PM) noise measurement system previously reported. The system is principally designed to measure amplifiers in pulsed mode with a duty cycle of 10% to 100% (CW) at a giv ...

3. Quantum engineering of atomic phase shifts in optical clocks
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/24/2014
Authors: Andrew D Ludlow, T Zanon-willette, S. Almonacil, E. de Clercq, Ennio Arimondo
Abstract: Quantum engineering of time-separated Raman laser pulses in three-level systems is presented to produce an ultra-narrow, optical-clock transition free from light shifts and with a significantly reduced sensitivity to laser parameter fluctuations. B ...

4. Adaptive and robust statistical methods for processing near-field scanning microwave microscopy images
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/23/2014
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, Samuel Berweger, Atif (Atif) Imtiaz, Thomas M Wallis, Joel C. Weber, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: Near-field scanning microwave microscopy offers great potential to facilitate characterization, development and modeling of materials. By acquiring microwave images at multiple frequencies and amplitudes (along with the other modalities) one can stud ...

5. Broadband Noise Limit in the Photodetection of Ultralow Jitter Optical Pulses
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/14/2014
Authors: Franklyn J Quinlan, W. Sun, Tara Michele Fortier, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Yang Fu, Scott A Diddams, Joe Campbell
Abstract: Applications with optical atomic clocks and precision timing often require the transfer of optical frequency references to the electrical domain with extremely high fidelity. Here we examine the impact of photocarrier scattering and distributed absor ...

6. Tunable, stable source of femtosecond pulses near 2 {mu}m via supercontinuum of an Erbium mode-locked laser
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/7/2014
Authors: Andrew M Klose, Gabriel George Ycas, Daniel Isaiah Lutwak Maser, Scott A Diddams
Abstract: Ultrashort pulses of light in the 2 {mu}m region were generated using supercontinuum broadening from an erbium fiber system. The output of a mode-locked erbium oscillator was polarized and used as a seed for a polarization maintaining erbium fiber am ...

7. A Low-Cost Time Transfer Receiver for Contributions to Coordinated Universal Time
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/6/2014
Authors: Michael A Lombardi, Andrew N Novick, Victor Shufang Zhang
Abstract: This paper describes a low-cost time transfer receiver that allows timing laboratories, including national metrology institutes and other designated institutions, to contribute data to the computation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The time tr ...

8. Fast transport of mixed-species ion chains within a Paul trap
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/6/2014
Authors: Ryan Steven Bowler, M. Palmer, John P Gaebler, Dietrich G Leibfried, J. G. Ceremuga
Abstract: We investigate the dynamics of mixed-species ion crystals during transport between spatially distinct locations in a linear Paul trap in the diabatic regime. In a general mixed-species crystal, all degrees of freedom along the direction of transport ...

9. Ultra-Broadband Frequency Comb Generation in Superconducting Resonators
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/30/2014
Authors: David P Pappas, Michael Robert Vissers, Martin Olof Sandberg, Jiansong Gao, Steven R Jefferts, Robert P Erickson
Abstract: Multi-octave frequency combs are generated in superconducting microresonators due to their low loss, strong Kerrlike kinetic inductance nonlinearity, and low frequency dispersion. This effect is illustrated at low frequency (60 MHz to 20 GHz) in long ...

10. High-Power and High-Linearity Photodetector Modules for Microwave Photonic Applications
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/15/2014
Authors: Frederick Nicholas Baynes, Efthymios Rouvalis, Xiaojun Xie, Qiugui Zhou, Franklyn J Quinlan, Tara Michele Fortier, Scott A Diddams, Andreas G Steffan, Andreas Beling, Joe C Campbell
Abstract: We demonstrate hermetically packaged InGaAs/InP photodetector modules for high performance microwave photonic applications. The devices employ an advanced photodiode epitaxial layer known as the modified uni-traveling carrier photodiode (MUTC-PD) wit ...

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