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61. A New Algorithm to Eliminate GPS Carrier-Phase Time Transfer Boundary Discontinuity
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/5/2013
Authors: Jian Yao, Judah Levine
Abstract: We report on a study of the Global Positioning System (GPS) carrier-phase (CP) time transfer boundary discontinuity by the use of precise point positioning (PPP) technique. We first demonstrate that the pseudorange measurement noise leads to the boun ...

62. Phase inversion and collapse of the cross-spectral function
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/5/2013
Authors: Craig W Nelson, Archita Hati, David Allan Howe
Abstract: Cross-spectral analysis is a mathematical tool for extracting the power spectral density of a correlated signal from two time series in the presence of uncorrelated interfering signals. We demonstrate and explain a set of conditions where the detect ...

63. Three-Corner Hat Analysis of the Stability of UTC and Various UTC(k)s
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/5/2013
Author: Thomas Edward Parker
Abstract: The stabilities of some local UTC time scales have recently improved dramatically with the increasing use of cesium or rubidium fountains as nearly always present frequency references. Along with time scales using maser ensembles, there are now a nu ...

64. Standardization of 237Np
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/4/2013
Authors: Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Ryan P Fitzgerald, Ronald Colle
Abstract: The standardization of 237Np was investigated. The certified massic activity for 237Np was obtained by 4 liquid scintillation (LS) counting with correction for the 233Pa daughter using the CIEMAT/NIST efficiency tracing method ...

65. Optical Atomic Clocks
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/1/2013
Authors: Christopher W Oates, N Poli, P. Gill, G.M. Tino
Abstract: In the last ten years extraordinary results in time and frequency metrology have been demonstrated. Frequency stabilization techniques for continous wave lasers and femto-second optical frequency combs have enabled a rapid development of frequency st ...

66. A View on Energy Transfer Between Cold Atoms
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/22/2013
Author: Elizabeth A Donley
Abstract: This is an invited perspective article on a paper that will appear in the same issue. The perspective describes imaging energy transfer between cold Rydberg atoms.

67. Polarization Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy for Laser Stabilization"
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/15/2013
Authors: Paul David Kunz, Thomas Patrick Heavner, Steven R Jefferts
Abstract: We demonstrate a variation of pump-probe spectroscopy that is particularly useful for laser frequency stabilization. This polarization enhanced absorption spectroscopy (POLEAS) signal provides a significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio over s ...

68. Measuring the Half-Life of 111mPd
Topic: Physics
Published: 11/12/2013
Authors: Richard Mark Lindstrom, Dagistan Sahin

69. Cold-atom double-lambda coherent population trapping clock
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/31/2013
Authors: Elizabeth A Donley, Francois-Xavier R. Esnault, Eric Michael Blanshan, Eugene N Ivanov, Robert E. Scholten, John E Kitching
Abstract: Miniature atomic clocks based on coherent population trapping (CPT) states in thermal atoms are emerging as an important component in many field applications, particularly where satellite frequency standards are not accessible. Cold-atom CPT clocks p ...

70. Detection of {Beta}-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background with data from the south pole telescope
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/30/2013
Authors: Johannes Hubmayr, Hsiao-Mei Cho, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, Duncan Hanson
Abstract: Gravitational lensing of the cosmic microwave background generates a curl pattern in the observed polarization. This "{Beta}-mode" signal provides a measure of the projected mass distribution over the entire observable Universe and also acts as a ...

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