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501. A microfabricated photonic magnetometer
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/26/2008
Authors: Jan Preusser, Vladislav Gerginov, Svenja A Knappe, John E Kitching
Abstract: An integrated optically-controlled sensor, suitable for remote, high-sensitivity detection of magnetic fields is presented. The sensor head is free of electrical currents or metal parts, therefore eliminating distortion of the magnetic fields to be m ...

502. Design and Demonstration of PECVD Angled Multilayer Dielectric Mirrors Optimized for Micromachined Cavity Sidewalls
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/25/2008
Authors: M.A. Perez, John E Kitching, A Shkel
Abstract: This paper reports on the design and implementation of high efficiency, non-metallic reflectors integrated on the sidewalls of micromachined cavities. Due to shadowing from deposition within a cavity, significant variation in the thicknesses of the d ...

503. Alpha-Dot or Not: Comparison of Two Single Atom Optical Clocks
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/5/2008
Authors: Till P Rosenband, David Hume, Chin W. Chou, J.C. Koelemeij, A. Brusch, Sarah Bickman, Windell Oskay, Tara Michele Fortier, Jason Stalnaker, Scott A Diddams, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, William C Swann, Wayne M Itano, David J Wineland, James C Bergquist
Abstract: Repeated measurements of the frequency ratio of Hg^u+^ and Al^u+^ single-atom optical clocks over the course of a year yield a constraint on the possible temporal variation of the fine-structure constant a. The time variation of the measured ratio c ...

504. Chip-scale atomic devices: precision atomic instruments based on MEMS
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/5/2008
Authors: John E Kitching, Svenja A Knappe, Vladislav Gerginov, Vishal Shah, Peter D. Schwindt, Brad Lindseth, Elizabeth A Donley, Ying-ju Wang, Eleanor Hodby, Matt Eardley, Ricardo Jimenez Martinez, William C. Griffith, Andrew Geraci, Jan Preusser, Tara C. Liebisch, Hugh Robinson, Leo Hollberg
Abstract: We describe recent work at NIST to develop compact, low-power instruments based on a combination of precision atomic spectroscopy, advanced diode lasers and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Designed to be fabricated in parallel in large numbe ...

505. NIST F1 and F2
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/5/2008
Authors: Thomas Patrick Heavner, Thomas Edward Parker, Jon Hardy Shirley, Steven R Jefferts
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology operates a cesium fountain primary frequency standard, NIST-F1, which has been contributing to International Atomic Time (TAI) since 1999. At the time of the last Symposium on Frequency Standards an ...

506. Weight Functions for Biases in Atomic Frequency Standards
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/5/2008
Author: Jon Hardy Shirley
Abstract: We present a unified treatment of frequency-standard biases that vary significantly during the time of measurement. We introduce three time-dependent weight functions built from the solution of the unperturbed equations of motion for a two-level sys ...

507. Recent atomic clock comparisions at NIST
Topic: Physics
Published: 10/1/2008
Authors: Luca Lorini, Neil Ashby, Anders Brusch, Scott A Diddams, Robert E. Drullinger, Eric Eason, Tara Michele Fortier, Pat Hastings, Thomas Patrick Heavner, David Hume, Wayne M Itano, Steven R Jefferts, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Thomas Edward Parker, Till P Rosenband, Jason Stalnaker, William C Swann, David J Wineland, James C Bergquist
Abstract: The record of atomic clock frequency comparisons at NIST over the past half-decade provides one of the tightest constraints of any present-day, temporal variations of the fundamental constants. Notably, the 6-year record of increasingly precise measu ...

508. Ratio of the Al^u+^ and Hg^u+^ Optical Clock Frequencies to 17 Decimal Places
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/25/2008
Authors: Wayne M Itano, Till P Rosenband, David Hume, P.O. Schmidt, Chin W. Chou, A. Brusch, Luca Lorini, Windell Oskay, Robert E. Drullinger, Sarah Bickman, Tara Michele Fortier, Jason Stalnaker, Scott A Diddams, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, David J Wineland, James C Bergquist
Abstract: Frequency standards (atomic clocks) based on narrow optical transitions in ^u27^Al^u+^ and ^u199^Hg^u+^ have been developed over the past several years at NIST. These two types of standards are both based on single ions confined in Paul traps, but di ...

509. Passively mode-locked 10 GHz femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/15/2008
Authors: A Bartels, Dirk Heinecke, Scott A Diddams
Abstract: We report a mode-locked Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser emitting pulses as short as 42 fs at 10 GHz repetition rate. When operated with a spectrally-integrated average power greater than 1 W, the associated femtosecond laser frequency comb (FLFC) cont ...

510. Quantum Computing With Ions
Topic: Physics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: David J Wineland, C Monroe
Abstract: This article briefly describes methods to generate entanglement and implement quantum information processing with the use of trapped ions. It is intended to give a simple introduction to the techniques involved, the status of the field and indicate f ...

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