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1. Parameter optimization for through-focus scanning optical microscopy
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 6/23/2016
Authors: Ravikiran Attota, Hyeong G. Kang

2. Particle size-dependent environmental release of semiconductor nanocrystals from free-standing polymer nanocomposite films
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 5/31/2016
Authors: Li Piin Sung, Karthik V Pillai, Patrick Gray, Reiner Bleher, Timothy V Duncan
Abstract: Concomitant with the development of polymer nanocomposite (PNC) technologies across numerous industries is an expanding awareness of the uncertainty with which engineered nanoparticles embedded within these materials may be released into the external ...

3. Noise analysis for through-focus scanning optical microscopy method
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 2/3/2016
Author: Ravikiran Attota

4. Does Your SEM Really Tell the Truth?,How Would You Know? Part 4: Charging and its Mitigation
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 1/20/2016
Authors: Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar
Abstract: This is the fourth part of a series of tutorial papers discussing various causes of measurement uncertainty in scanned particle beam instruments. Scanned particle beam instruments especially the scanning electron microscope (SEM) have gone through t ...

5. UV-assisted NO2 sensing at room temperature using rf-sputtered TiO2 thin film
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 12/25/2015
Authors: Ting Xie, Nichole Sullivan, Kristen L. Steffens, Baomei Wen, Guannan Liu, Ratan Kumar Debnath, Albert Davydov, Romel D. Gomez, Abhishek Motayed
Abstract: A TiO2 thin film based NO2 sensor that operates at room temperature under ultraviolet (UV) illumination was fabricated via radio frequency (rf) sputtering. The sputter-deposited TiO2 films, after 30 s annealing at 700 ⁰C in Ar, were investigate ...

6. Intrinsic Spin Torque Without Spin-Orbit Coupling
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 12/21/2015
Authors: Kyoungwhan Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee, Hyun-Woo Lee, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: For non-uniform magnetic textures, we derive an intrinsic contribution to the non-adiabatic spin torque that may be the dominant contribution. It differs from previously considered contributions in several ways. It does not depend on the ...

7. Noncontact conductivity and dielectric measurement for high throughput roll-to-roll nanomanufacturing
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 11/23/2015
Authors: Nathan D Orloff, Christian J Long, Jan Obrzut, Laurent Millaud, Francesca Mirri, Thomas R Kole, Robert D McMichael, Mattei Pasquali, Stephan J Stranick, James Alexander Liddle
Abstract: Advances in roll-to-roll processing of graphene [1] and carbon nanotube [2] have at last led to the continuous production of high-quality coatings and filaments, ushering in a wave of applications for flexible [3], [4] and wearable [5] electronics, w ...

8. Nanomanufacturing Concerns about Measurements Made in the SEM Part IV: Charging and its Mitigation
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 11/17/2015
Authors: Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar
Abstract: This is the fourth part of a series of tutorial papers discussing various causes of measurement uncertainty in scanned particle beam instruments, and some of the solutions researched and developed at NIST and other research institutions. Scanned part ...

9. Radiative damping in wave guide based FMR measured via analysis of perpendicular standing spin waves in sputtered Permalloy films
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 11/17/2015
Authors: Thomas J Silva, Justin M Shaw, Hans Toya Nembach, Mathias Weiler, Martin Schoen
Abstract: The damping α of the spinwave resonances in 75 nm, 120 nm, and 200 nm -thick Permalloy films is measured via vector-network- analyzer ferromagnetic-resonance (VNA-FMR). Inductive coupling between the sample and the waveguide leads to an addi ...

10. Gold Nanoparticle Quantitation by Whole Cell Tomography
Topic: Nanotechnology
Published: 11/13/2015
Authors: Aric Warner Sanders, Kavita M Jeerage, Cindi Schwartz, Alexandra E Curtin, Ann Chiaramonti Chiaramonti Debay
Abstract: Many proposed biomedical applications for engineered gold nanoparticles require their incorporation by mammalian cells in specific numbers and locations. Here, the number of gold nanoparticles inside of individual mammalian stem cells was character ...

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