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1. SATE V Ockham Sound Analysis Criteria
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 8113
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 3/22/2016
Authors: Paul E Black, Athos Ribeiro
Abstract: Static analyzers examine the source or executable code of programs to find problems. Many static analyzers use some heuristics or approximations to handle programs up to millions of lines of codes. We established the Ockham Sound Analysis Criteria ...

2. Third-Party Software's Trust Quagmire
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 12/18/2015
Authors: Jeffrey Mark Voas, George Hurlburt
Abstract: Integrating software developed by third-party organizations into a larger system raises concerns about the software's quality, origin, functionality, security, and interoperability. Addressing these concerns requires rethinking the roles of software' ...

3. Evaluating Bug Finders: Test and Measurement of Static Code Analyzers
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 5/23/2015
Authors: Aurelien M. Delaitre, Bertrand Clement Stivalet, Elizabeth Nee nee Fong, Vadim Okun
Abstract: Software static analysis is one of many options for finding bugs in software. Like compilers, static analyzers take a program as input. This paper covers tools that examine source code--without executing it--and output bug reports. Static analysis ...

4. A comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 3/27/2015
Author: Afzal A Godil
Abstract: Large-scale 3D shape retrieval has become an important research direction in content-based 3D shape retrieval. To promote this research area, two Shape Retrieval Contest (SHREC) tracks on large scale comprehensive and sketch-based 3D model retrieva ...

5. SATE V Workshop - CVE-selected Analysis Results
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 3/14/2015
Author: Bertrand Clement Stivalet

6. The ghost in the machine: Don't let it haunt your software performance measurements
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1830
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 4/28/2014
Authors: Vreda Pieterse, David W Flater
Abstract: This paper describes pitfalls, issues, and methodology for measuring software performance. Ideally, measurement should be performed and reported in such a way that others will be able to reproduce the results in order to confirm their validity. W ...

7. An Empirical Comparison of Combinatorial and Random Testing
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 4/1/2014
Authors: Laleh Ghandehari, Jacek Czerwonka, Yu Lei, Soheil Shafiee, Raghu N Kacker, David R Kuhn
Abstract: Some conflicting results have been reported on the comparison between t-way combinatorial testing and random testing. In this paper, we report a new study that applies t-way and random testing to the Siemens suite. In particular, we investigate the s ...

8. Introducing Combinatorial Testing in a Large Organization: Pilot Project Experience Report
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 4/1/2014
Authors: Jon Hagar, David R Kuhn, Raghu N Kacker, Thomas Wissink
Abstract: This poster gives an overview of the experience of eight pilot projects, over two years, applying combinatorial testing in a large aerospace organization. While results varied across the different pilot projects, overall it was estimated that CT wou ...

9. SATE V Ockham Sound Analysis Criteria
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 3/14/2014
Author: Paul E Black

10. SATE V Synthetic - Method and Results
Topic: Software Testing Metrics
Published: 3/14/2014
Author: Aurelien M. Delaitre

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