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1. An Uncertainty Analysis of Mean Flow Velocity Measurements Used to Quantify Emissions from Stationary Sources
Published: 5/20/2014
Authors: Rodney A Bryant, Olatunde B. Sanni, Elizabeth F Moore, Matthew F Bundy, Aaron N Johnson
Abstract: Point velocity measurements conducted by traversing a pitot tube across the cross section of a flow conduit continues to be the standard practice for evaluating the accuracy of continuous flow monitoring devices. Such velocity traverses were condu ...

2. Comparing Methods for Determining Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Stationary Sources
Published: 3/3/2014
Authors: Rodney A Bryant, Matthew F Bundy, Ruowen Zong
Abstract: The largest source of carbon dioxide emissions is fossil fuel combustion. Since 1990, more than 90% of carbon dioxide emissions within the United States have come from fossil fuel combustion. Stationary sources such as power plants and industrial ...

3. Reducing the Risk of Fire in Buildings and Communities
Published: 1/1/2014
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Jason D Averill, Nelson P Bryner, David T Butry, Richard George Gann, Rick D Davis, Daniel Madrzykowski, Alexander Maranghides, Jiann C Yang, Matthew F Bundy, Samuel L Manzello, Jeffrey W Gilman, Francine K. Amon, William E. Mell
Abstract: Fire costs and losses are a significant life safety and economic burden on society comprising about two percent of the United States gross domestic product. This paper presents the results of a roadmap developed by the National Institute of Standar ...

4. Measurement of Temperature, Displacement, and Strain in Structural Components Subject to Fire Effects: Concepts and Candidate Approaches
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1768
Published: 9/28/2012
Authors: Therese P McAllister, William E Luecke, Mark A Iadicola, Matthew F Bundy
Abstract: For the last forty years, NIST has led the world in fire metrology through research conducted at the Large Fire Laboratory, which is being expanded to enable experiments on real-scale structures under combined structural and fire loads. The combined ...

5. Strategic Roadmap for Fire Risk Reduction in Buildings and Communities
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1130
Published: 4/18/2012
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Jason D Averill, Richard George Gann, Nelson P Bryner, Rick D Davis, David T Butry, Alexander Maranghides, Jiann C Yang, Daniel Madrzykowski, Matthew F Bundy, Samuel L Manzello, Jeffrey W Gilman, Francine K. Amon, William E. Mell
Abstract: The burden of fire on the U.S. economy continues to be large, comprising approximately $280 billion annually, or 2 percent of GDP. Over the last 30 years, civilian fire deaths and injuries have decreased due to the efforts of many people and org ...

6. Experimental Study of the Three Dimensional Internal Structure of Underventilated Compartment Fires in an ISO 9705 Room.
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1736
Published: 2/8/2012
Authors: Kelly M Opert, Andrew J. Lock, Matthew F Bundy, Erik L Johnsson, Cheolhong Hwang, Anthony P Hamins, Stephen P. Fuss, Ki-Yong Lee
Abstract: This report documents a set of 9 full scale ISO 9705 room under-ventilated compartment fire experiments for the purpose of guiding the development of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) computer fire model - Fire Dynamics Simula ...

Published: 9/25/2011
Authors: Seul-Hyun Park, Samuel L Manzello, Matthew F Bundy, Tensei Mizukami
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Better Living (CBL) have formed an international collaboration to assess the performance and failure mechanisms of gypsum wall assemblies under real fires/furnace conditions ...

Published: 6/10/2011
Authors: Robert P. Borthwick, Matthew F Bundy
Abstract: This study provides an analysis of the uncertainty of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from an 8 MW natural gas burner. A precise and accurate point source for industrial quantities of carbon dioxide can be used to evaluate the performance of stack ga ...

9. Suppression Limits of Low Strain Rate Non-Premixed Flames
Published: 1/5/2011
Authors: Matthew F Bundy, Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: The suppression of low strain rate non-premixed flames was investigated experimentally in a counterflow configuration through the development of a methodology that allows establishment of laminar flames free from conductive heat losses. The method al ...

10. Effects of Fuel Location and Distribution on Full-Scale Underventilated Compartment Fires
Published: 1/3/2011
Authors: Andrew J. Lock, Cheolhong Hwang, Matthew F Bundy, Erik L Johnsson, Gwon Hyun Ko
Abstract: Experimental and numerical studies were conducted to investigate the effect of fuel location and distribution on full-scale underventilated compartment fires in an ISO 9705 room. Heptane fuel was burned in three different fuel distributions: single c ...

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