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1. Confinement-Driven Increase in Ionomer Thin-Film Modulus
Published: 4/28/2014
Authors: Kirt A. Page, Ahmet Kusoglu, Christopher M Stafford, Sangcheol Kim, Regis J Kline, Adam Weber
Abstract: Ion-conductive polymers, or ionomers, are critical materials for a wide range of electrochemical technologies. For optimizing the complex, heterogeneous structures in which they occur, there is a need to elucidate the governing structure/func ...

2. Interfacial morphology and water transport of proton-conducting polymer membranes in fuel cell
Published: 7/5/2013
Authors: Sangcheol Kim, Joseph A Dura, Kirt A. Page, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: We quantify the interfacial structure and corresponding water transport kinetics in thin films of Nafion using neutron reflectivity (NR) and quartz-crystal microbalance (QCM) by integrating these measurements with in-situ, controlled relative hum ...

3. Understanding Interfacial Structure of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Published: 5/7/2012
Authors: Kirt A. Page, Sangcheol Kim, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: Although substantial improvements have been demonstrated for fuel cell technology over the past decade, the major technical challenges as associated with cost and durability should be overcome for fuel cells to compete in real markets and achieve wid ...

4. Using Block Copolymer Self-Assembly to Imprint the Crystallization of Polymer Dendrites
Published: 8/10/2011
Authors: Sangcheol Kim, Alamgir Karim, Jack F Douglas, Christopher L Soles, R M Briber
Abstract: We utilize the self-assembly of cylinder-forming block copolymer (BCP) films to create templates for dendritic polymer crystallization patterns. This templating was achieved by simply spin-casting thin films from a solution containing both the BC ...

5. Environment-Controlled Spin Coating to Orient Microdomains in Thin Block Copolymer Films
Published: 3/20/2007
Authors: Sangcheol Kim, R M Briber, Alamgir Karim, Ronald Leland Jones, H C Kim
Abstract: We demonstrate a simple and fast methodology to control the orientation of cylindrical microdomains in thin block copolymer films using environment-controlled spin coating. During spinning, the preferential affinity of vapor atmosphere successfully d ...

6. Techniques for Combinatorial and High-Throughput Microscopy, Part 2: Automated Optical Microscopy Platform for Thin Film Research
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Sangcheol Kim, A Sehgal, Alamgir Karim, Michael J Fasolka

7. Phase Separation Induced by Shear Quenching in Polymer Blends With a Diblock Copolymer
Published: 4/1/2001
Authors: H Jeon, Sangcheol Kim, Charles C. Dr. Han
Abstract: The effects of adding A-B diblock copolymer to a polymer blend (A/B) on phase- separation kinetics and morphology have been investigated in a fixed shallow quench condition ({Delta}T = 1.5 C) by in-situ time-resolved light scattering and phase cont ...

8. Critical Temperature Shift and Mixing in Polymer Blends under Simple Shear Flow
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Charles C. Dr. Han, Erik K. Hobbie, A Nakatani, Sangcheol Kim

9. UVO Tunable Superhydrophobic to Superhydrophilic Wetting Tranistion on Biomimetic Nanostructured Surfaces
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Joong T. Han, Sangcheol Kim, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: We present a tunable sigmoidal wetting transition from superhydrophobicity (CA > 170o) to superhydrophilicity (CA < 10o) on a single nanostructured hybrid film prepared from layer-by-layer assembled negatively charged silica nanoparticles (11 nm) an ...

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