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1. Overview of the TREC 2011 Web Track
Series: OTHER
Published: 11/15/2011
Authors: Ian M Soboroff, Nick Craswell, Charles L. Clarke, Gordon Cormack
Abstract: The TREC Web Track explores and evaluates Web retrieval technology over large collections of Web data. In its current incarnation, the Web Track has been active for two years. For TREC 2010, the track includes three tasks: 1) an adhoc retrieval t ...

2. SURF III: A flexible Synchrotron Radiation Source for Radiometry and Research
Published: 9/1/2011
Authors: Uwe Arp, Charles W Clark, Lu Deng, Nadir Sabirovich Faradzhev, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E Grantham, Edward Walter Hagley, Shannon Bradley Hill, Thomas B Lucatorto, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S Tarrio, Robert Edward Vest
Abstract: The calculability of synchrotron radiation (SR) makes electron storage rings wonderful light sources for radiometry. The broadband nature of SR allows coverage of the whole spectral region from the x-ray to the far-infrared. Compact low-energy storag ...

3. A Special Functions Handbook for the Digital Age
Published: 8/1/2011
Authors: Ronald F Boisvert, Charles W Clark, Daniel W Lozier, Frank William John Olver
Abstract: The NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF) is a reference work providing information on the properties of the special functions of applied mathematics. It is a successor to the highly successful NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions ( ...

4. A Comparative Analysis of Cascade Measures for Novelty and Diversity
Published: 2/10/2011
Authors: Ian M Soboroff, Charles L. Clarke, Nick Craswell, Azin Ashkan
Abstract: Traditional editorial effectiveness measures, such as nDCG, remain standard for Web search evaluation. Unfortunately, these traditional measures can inappropriately reward re- dundant information and can fail to reflect the broad range of user needs ...

5. A Green Laser Pointer Hazard
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1668
Published: 8/2/2010
Authors: Jemellie Galang, Alessandro Restelli, Edward Walter Hagley, Charles W Clark
Abstract: An inexpensive green laser pointer was found to emit 20 mW of infrared radiation during normal use. This is potentially a serious hazard that would not be noticed by most users of such pointers. We find that the problem derives from an unsafe desig ...

6. Ettore Majorana and the birth of autoionization
Published: 7/2/2010
Authors: Charles W Clark, Ennio Arimondo, William C. Martin
Abstract: In the early days of theoretical atomic spectroscopy, Ettore Majorana (1906-1938?) solved several outstanding problems by developing the theory of autoionization. Later literature makes only sporadic references to this accomplishment. Reviewing ...

7. The NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions
Published: 5/12/2010
Authors: Frank William John Olver, Daniel W Lozier, Ronald F Boisvert, Charles W Clark
Abstract: The NIST Handbook of Mathematical Functions supplies validated reference information in 36 chapters on a wide selection of important mathematical functions, covering the properties necessary for their use in scientific applications, together with gen ...

8. Ultracold Atom Spin Field Effect Transistor
Published: 9/14/2009
Authors: Jay Vaishnav, Julius Ruseckas, Charles W Clark, Gediminas Juzelunas
Abstract: We propose a method of constructing cold atom analogs of the spintronic device known as the Datta-Das transistor (DDT), which despite its seminal conceptual role in spintronics, has never been successfully realized with electrons. We propose two alte ...

9. Collisional cooling of ultra-cold atom ensembles using Feshbach resonances
Published: 9/8/2009
Authors: Ludwig G. Mathey, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We propose a new type of cooling mechanism for ultra-cold fermionic atom ensembles, which capitalizes on the energy dependence of inelastic collisions in the presence of a Feshbach resonance. We first discuss the case of a single magnetic reson ...

10. Counterflow and paired superfluidity in one-dimensional Bose mixtures in optical lattices
Published: 8/24/2009
Authors: Anzi Hu, Ludwig G. Mathey, Ippei Danshita, Eite Tiesinga, Carl J Williams, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We study the quantum phases of mixtures of ultra-cold bosonic atoms held in an optical lattice that confines motion or hopping to one spatial dimension. The phases are found by using Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid theory as well as the numerical method of ...

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