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1. Centroid and Orientation Precision of Localization Microscopy
Published: 3/11/2016
Authors: Craig Dyer McGray, Craig Robert Copeland, Samuel M Stavis, Jon C Geist
Abstract: The concept of localization precision, which is essential to localization microscopy, is formally extended from optical point sources to microscopic rigid bodies. Measurement functions are presented to calculate the planar position, orientation, and ...

2. Dimensional Reduction of Duplex DNA Under Nanofluidic Slit Confinement
Published: 8/19/2015
Authors: Luis Fernando Vargas Lara, Jack F Douglas, Samuel M Stavis, Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Brian Joseph Nablo
Abstract: There has been much recent interest in the dimensional properties of duplex DNA under nanoscale confinement conditions as a problem of fundamental interest in both technological and biological fields. This has led to a series of measurements by f ...

3. Simulated Sinewave Testing of DataAcquisition Systems using SineFitting and Discrete Fourier Transform Methods Part 1: Frequency Offset, Random, Quantization, and Jitter Noise
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Published: 7/30/2015
Authors: Jon C Geist, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi
Abstract: This report studies the effect of frequency offset, quantization error, random additive noise, and random phase jitter on the results of sine fitting and performing Discreet Fourier Transforms (DFT) of measurements of sinewaves with Data Acquisition ...

4. Characterization of Electrothermal Actuation with Nanometer and Microradian Precision
Published: 6/21/2015
Authors: Craig Robert Copeland, Craig Dyer McGray, Jon C Geist, Vladimir A Aksyuk, Samuel M Stavis
Abstract: A recently introduced particle-tracking method was used to measure the single motion cycles of an electrothermal actuator with nanometer and microradian precision. Driving the actuator with a low-noise input induced deterministic motion that was per ...

5. Reference Materials 8096 and 8097 - The MEMS 5-in-1 RMs: Homogeneous and Stable
Published: 5/14/2014
Authors: Janet M Cassard, Jon C Geist, John A Kramar
Abstract: The NIST Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 5-in-1 Reference Materials (RMs) were developed to assist users in validating their use of five documentary standard test methods. A Reference Material can be defined as a material whose property values ...

6. Method for Measuring Axis Orthogonality in MEMS Accelerometers
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7925
Published: 7/15/2013
Authors: Craig Dyer McGray, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Jon C Geist
Abstract: A method is described for the computation of axis orthogonality errors in 3-axis accelerometers, based on the application of gravitational force at known angles. A precision two-axis articulated gimbal system is used to control the angle at which ...

7. A localized transition in the size variation of circular DNA in nanofluidic slitlike confinement
Published: 4/15/2013
Authors: Elizabeth A Strychalski, Samuel M Stavis, Jon C Geist
Abstract: We report strong evidence for a localized transition in the size variation of circular DNA between strong and moderate regimes of slitlike confinement. A novel and rigorous statistical analysis was applied to our recent experimental measurements ...

8. The MEMS 5-in-1 Test Chips (Reference Materials 8096 and 8097)
Published: 3/27/2013
Authors: Janet M Cassard, Jon C Geist, Craig Dyer McGray, Richard A Allen, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Brian Joseph Nablo, Michael Gaitan, David G Seiler
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of the Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 5-in-1 Reference Material (RM), which is a single test chip with test structures from which material and dimensional properties are obtained using five documentary standard ...

Published: 3/25/2013
Authors: Ronald G Dixson, Craig Dyer McGray, Boon Ping Ng, Ndubuisi George Orji, Jon C Geist
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been developing methods and standards to enable the traceable calibration of critical dimension atomic force microscopy (CD AFM). This technique involves flared tips and two-dimensional s ...

10. Measurement Uncertainties in MEMS Kinematics by Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy
Published: 3/25/2013
Authors: Craig Dyer McGray, Samuel M Stavis, Jon C Geist

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