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1. Separation of monosaccharides hydrolyzed from glycoproteins without the need for derivatization
Published: 5/18/2015
Authors: Mark S Lowenthal, Eric L Kilpatrick, Karen W Phinney
Abstract: Chromatographic separation of monosaccharides hydrolyzed from glycoconjugates or complex, aggregate biomaterials, can be achieved by classic analytical methods without a need for derivatizing the monosaccharide subunits. A simple and sensitive metho ...

2. Expression and characterization of 15N-labeled human C-reactive protein in Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris for use in isotope-dilution mass spectrometry
Published: 9/1/2012
Authors: Eric L Kilpatrick, Wei-Li Liao, Johanna Camara, Illarion V Turko, David M Bunk
Abstract: Isotope dilution mass spectrometry using stable isotope labeled internal standards is unsurpassed in its ability to quantify analytes with accuracy and low measurement uncertainty. The extension of this technique to proteins relies upon the expressi ...

3. Multiple forms of Selenoprotein P in a Candidate Human Plasma Standard Reference Material
Published: 5/1/2012
Authors: William C Davis, Lisa Ervin Kilpatrick, Eric L Kilpatrick, Guillaume Ballihaut
Abstract: Selenoprotein P (SePP) is a unique selenium-containing protein responsible for the transport and distribution of the essential trace element selenium (Se) through the human body with the concentration of SePP in human blood representing the most usef ...

Published: 11/26/2011
Authors: Steven J Christopher, Eric L Kilpatrick, Lee Lijian Yu, William C Davis, blakely adair
Abstract: NIST has performed preliminary research on applying a calibration methodology based on the method of standard additions to the quantification of lanthanide-labeled peptides via reverse-phase liquid chromatography coupled to inductively coupled plasma ...

5. Detection and Characterization of Selenoproteins by Tandem Mass Spectrometry Assisted by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry: Application to Human Plasma Selenoproteins
Published: 10/22/2010
Authors: Guillaume Ballihaut, Lisa Ervin Kilpatrick, Eric L Kilpatrick, William C Davis
Abstract: There has been an on-going effort and long term goal to accurately assess selenium status and selenium nutritional requirement in humans through the quantification of human plasma selenoprotein P (SelP) and glutathione peroxidase 3 (GPx3). To achiev ...

6. Reference Measurement Procedure Development for C-Reactive Protein in Human Serum
Published: 10/15/2009
Authors: Eric L Kilpatrick, David M Bunk
Abstract: C-reactive protein (CRP) is a serum analyte of clinical interest in ranges which are difficult to detect using standard mass spectrometry approaches. This paper describes a measurement procedure utilizing affinity purification of intact CRP prior to ...

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