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71. Macromodel-Based Simulation of Progressive Collapse: Steel Frame Structures
Published: Date unknown
Authors: K Khandelwal, Sherif El-Tawil, Sashi Kunnath, Fahim Sadek, Hai Sang Lew

72. Robustness of Composite Floor Systems With Shear Connections: Modeling, Simulation, and Evaluation
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Fahim Sadek, Sherif El-Tawil, Hai Sang Lew
Abstract: This paper presents an analytical assessment of the robustness of concrete deck-steel beam composite floor systems with shear connectors under the assumption that an interior column has been removed. The study provides an insight into the behavior a ...

73. Wind Effects on High-Rise Buildings: Database-Assisted Design Versus the High-Frequency Force-Balance Technique
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M Iancovici, Michael A Riley, Fahim Sadek, Emil Simiu
Abstract: Database-assisted design (DAD) was originally developed for low-rise buildings. In this paper we show that it applies to flexible high-rise buildings as well, and that it has a number of significant advantages over the high frequency force balance (H ...

74. Wind Speed Estimation Uncertainties: Effects of Climatological and Micrometeorological Parameters
Published: Date unknown
Authors: S M Diniz, Fahim Sadek, Emil Simiu
Abstract: To achieve structures that are risk-consistent, structural reliability methods must be used that account for uncertainties with respect to the relevant parameters affecting the estimation of wind effects. In this paper we obtain measures of uncertai ...

75. Wind Speeds for the Estimation of World Trade Center Towers' Response
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William P. Fritz, Fahim Sadek, Emil Simiu
Abstract: Estimates of the World Trade Center (WTC) towers response to wind by two North American wind engineering laboratories differed from each other by almost 40 %. A recent investigation by the National Institute of Standards and Technology determined th ...

76. Wind Speeds in the ASCE 7 Standard Peak-Gust Map: Assessment. CLOSURE
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Emil Simiu, R Wilcox, Fahim Sadek, James J Filliben

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