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131. Ramsey resonance in a Zacharias fountain, ed. by M. Ducloy, E. Giacobino, and G. Camy
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: A Clairon, C Salomon, S Guellati, William D Phillips

132. Realization of a Quantum Random Walk With Ultracold Atoms
Published: 2/1/2004
Authors: D Ciampini, M B d'Arcy, J M Grossman, Kristian Helmerson, Paul D Lett, William D Phillips, A Vaziri, S L Rolston
Abstract: Classical random walks have many applications in computer science. Quantum random walks (QRWs) [1] have been suggested as the potential basis for quantum computing algorithms. Such algorithms have been reported, some of which offer an exponential spe ...

133. Reply to Comment on Localization of Atoms in a Three-Dimensional Standing Wave,
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: C I Westbrook, R N. Watts, C E Tanner, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips, Paul D Lett, P L Gould

134. Rotating a Bose-Einstein Condensate using Photons with Orbital Angular Momentum
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Kristian Helmerson, Mikkel Andersen, Changhyun Ryu, P Clad {?}, Vasant Natarajan, A Vaziri, A Hansen, William D Phillips

135. Self-Assembled Monolayers Exposed by Metastable Argon and Metastable Helium for Neutral Atom Lithography and Atomic Beam Imaging
Published: 9/1/1997
Authors: A Bard, K K Berggren, J L Wilbur, John D Gillaspy, S L. Rolston, Jabez J McClelland, William D Phillips, M Prentiss, G M Whitesides
Abstract: We used a beam of noble gas atoms in a metastable excited state to expose a thin (1.5nm self-assembled monolayer resist applied over a gold-coated silicon wafer. We determined exposure damage as a function of dose of metastable atoms by processing t ...

136. Smoothing a Current-Carrying Atomic Mirror
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: L Cognet, V Savalli, P D Featonby, Kristian Helmerson, N Westbrook, C I Westbrook, William D Phillips, A Aspect, G Zabow, M Drndic, C G Lee, R M Westervelt, M Prentiss

137. Spectroscopy of Na2 by photoassociation of laser cooled sodium
Published: 1/1/1993
Authors: Paul D Lett, Kristian Helmerson, William D Phillips, L P. Ratliff, S L. Rolston, M Wagshul

138. Strongly Inhibited Transport of a Degenerate 1D Bose Gas in a Lattice
Published: 4/1/2005
Authors: C Fertig, K M O'Hara, J H Huckans, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips, James V Porto
Abstract: We report the observation of strongly damped dipole oscillations of a quantum degenerate 1D atomic Bose gas in a combined harmonic and optical lattice potential. Damping is significant for very shallow axial lattices (0.25 photon recoil energies), an ...

139. Strongly inhibited transport of a degenerate 1D Bose gas in lattice
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: C Fertig, K M O'Hara, J H Huckans, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips, James V Porto

140. Study of a 1D Interacting Quantum Bose Gas
Published: Date unknown
Authors: B Laburthe, K M O'Hara, J H Huckans, M Anderlini, James V Porto, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: The loading of a Bose-Einstein condensate into a deep 2D optical lattice provides a unique way to study 1D Bose gases: the strong radial confinement freezes any motion in two dimensions, and for deep enough lattices, the system can be seen as an arra ...

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