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1. Quantum and Classical Dynamics of BEC in a Large-Period Optical Lattice
Published: 4/4/2016
Authors: Ian B Spielman, Johnny H. Huckans, Bruno Laburthe-Tolra, James V Porto, William D Phillips
Abstract: We experimentally investigate diffraction of a ^u87 Rb Bose-Einstein Condensate from a 1D optical lattice. We use a range of lattice periods and timescales, including those beyond the Raman-Nath limit. We compare the results to quantum mechanic ...

2. Gauge matters: Observing the vortex-nucleation transition in a Bose condensate
Published: 6/18/2015
Authors: Ian B Spielman, LeBlanc Lindsey, Karina Jimenez-Garcia, Ross Williams, Matthew Beeler, William D Phillips
Abstract: The order parameter of a quantum-coherent many-body system includes one or more phase degrees of freedom, which, owing to the phase information's relationship to velocity, can be accessed using time-of-flight (TOF) imaging. Here, trapped Bose-Einste ...

3. Dimensionless units in the SI
Published: 6/1/2015
Authors: Peter J Mohr, William D Phillips
Abstract: The International System of Units (SI) is supposed to be coherent. That is, when a combination of units is replaced by an equivalent unit, there is no additional numerical factor. Here we consider dimensionless units as defined in the SI, e.g. angula ...

4. Controlling Atomic Interactions with Light
Published: 12/1/2012
Authors: Ross A. Williams, Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Karina K. Jimenez Garcia, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: For the majority of the 20th century atomic physicists used light to probe and understand atoms. Today, scientists use light to manipulate particles with unprecedented levels of control, routinely cooling atoms to a few billionths of a degree above ...

5. Partial-Transfer Absorption Imaging: A versatile technique for optimal imaging of ultracold gases
Published: 8/13/2012
Authors: Gretchen K Campbell, Sergio R. Muniz, Kevin Wright, Russell P Anderson, William D Phillips, Kristian Helmerson
Abstract: Partial-transfer absorption imaging is a tool that enables optimal imaging of atomic clouds for a wide range of optical depths. In contrast to standard absorption imaging, the technique can be minimally-destructive and can be used to obtain multiple ...

6. Observation of a superfluid Hall effect
Published: 7/3/2012
Authors: Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Karina K. Jimenez Garcia, Ross A. Williams, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: Measurement techniques based upon the Hall effect are essential tools in condensed matter physics. Here, we report the first observation of a Hall effect in an ultracold gas of neutral atoms, revealed by measuring Bose-Einstein condensate's transpo ...

7. Beyond s-wave scattering for ultracold atoms
Published: 1/20/2012
Authors: Ross A. Williams, Lindsay J. LeBlanc, Karina K. Jimenez Garcia, Matthew C. Beeler, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: Interactions between particles can be strongly altered by their environment. Here we demonstrate a technique for modifying interactions between ultracold atoms by dressing the bare atomic states with light, creating a screened interaction of vastly i ...

8. Synthetic Electric and Magnetic Fields for Ultracold Neutral Atoms
Published: 1/1/2011
Authors: William D Phillips, Yu-Ju Lin, Robert L. Compton, Karina K. Jimenez Garcia, Abigail Reiko Perry, James V Porto, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: We use Raman coupling between magnetic sublevels of a 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) to create an effective vector gauge field for the neutral atoms. They behave as if they were charged particles in a magnetic vector potential. With appropriate ...

9. Observation of a 2D Bose-gas: from thermal to fractured quasi-condensate to superfluid
Published: 5/1/2009
Authors: Pierre Clade, Changhyun Ryu, Anand Ramanathan, Kristian Helmerson, William D Phillips
Abstract: This paper presents experimental results on a Bose gas in a quasi-2D geometry near the Berezinskii,Kosterlitz and Thouless (BKT) transition temperature. By measuring the density profile, in situ and after time of flight, and the coherence length ...

10. A Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Uniform Light-Induced Vector Potential
Published: 3/30/2009
Authors: Yu-Ju Lin, Robert L. Compton, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, James V Porto, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: We use a two-photon dressing field to create an effective vector gauge potential for Bose-condensed ^87Rb atoms in the F=1 hyperfine ground state. The dressed states in this Raman field are spin and momentum superpositions, and we adiabatically load ...

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