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61. Resonant Charge Exchange and the Transport of Ions at High Electric-Field to Gas-Density Ratios (E/N) in Argon, Neon, and Helium
Published: 11/1/1996
Authors: MVVS. Rao, Richard J. Van Brunt, James K Olthoff

62. Electron Interactions With C^d3^F^d8^
Published: 9/1/1996
Authors: Loucas G. Christophorou, James K Olthoff, MVVS. Rao
Abstract: To aid the many and diverse applications for which perfluoropropane (C^d3^F^d8^) is suited, we critically evaluate and synthesize existing knowledge on electron scattering and electron energy-loss processes for the C^d3^F^d8^ molecule, and provide re ...

63. Distributions of H+, H2+, H3+ Ions in Townsend Discharge and Determination of their Collision Cross Sections
Published: 9/1/1996
Authors: J. Bretagne, T. Simko, G. Gousset, MVVS. Rao, Richard J. Van Brunt, Yicheng Wang, James K Olthoff, B. Peko, R. Champion

64. Optical and Mass Spectrometric Investigations of Ions and Neutral Species in SF6 Radio-Frequency Discharges
Published: 8/1/1996
Authors: R Foest, James K Olthoff, Richard J. Van Brunt, Eric C Benck, J R Roberts

65. Evidence for Inelastic Processes for N3+ and N4+ from Ion Energy Distributions in He/N2 Radio Frequency Glow Discharges
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: H. H. Hwang, James K Olthoff, Richard J. Van Brunt, S. B. Radovanov, Mark J Kushner

66. Optical and Mass Spectrometric Investigations of Ions and Neutral Species in SF^d6^ Radio-Frequency Discharges
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: R Foest, James K Olthoff, R J Van brunt, Eric C Benck, J R Roberts

67. Spatial and Time Characteristics of Low Temperature RF Plasmas for Materials Processing
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Sophie Djordjevic, J R Roberts, James K Olthoff

68. Investigation of S2F10 Production and Mitigation in Compressed SF6-Insulated Power Systems
Published: 10/1/1995
Authors: I. Sauers, G. D. Griffin, D. R. James, Richard J. Van Brunt, James K Olthoff, Ken L. Stricklett, H. D. Morrison, F. Y. Chu, M. F. Frechette

69. Fundamental Processes in Gas Discharges
Published: 9/1/1995
Authors: Loucas G. Christophorou, Richard J. Van Brunt, James K Olthoff

70. Kinetic-Energy Distributions of Ions Sampled from Radio-Frequency Discharges in Helium, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
Published: 9/1/1995
Authors: Richard J. Van Brunt, James K Olthoff, S. B. Radovanov

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