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71. Peak Compression and Resolution for Electrophoretic Separations in Diverging Microchannels
Published: 11/1/2004
Authors: David J Ross, C F Ivory, Laurie E Locascio, K E Van Cott
Abstract: We report the results of experiments and simulations on electrokinetic flow in diverging microchannels (with cross sectional area that increases with distance along the channel). Because of conservation of mass and charge, the velocity of an analyte ...

72. Photopatterned Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for Cell Culture
Published: 11/9/2006
Authors: Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, J. Brian Hutchison, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: Patterned two-dimensional cell cultures are increasingly important for constructing bioanalytical tools for cell and molecular biology to address questions about interactions, signaling, migration, and differentiation, among others. This contribution ...

73. Plastic Microfluid Systems for Clinical Measurements
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan, J Hong, M Eldefrawi

74. Plastic Microfluidic Devices Modified With Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Published: 10/15/2000
Authors: S L. Barker, Michael J Tarlov, H E Canavan, J J Hickman, Laurie E Locascio
Abstract: Control of the polymer surface chemistry is a crucial aspect of development of plastic microfluidic devices. When commercially available plastic substrates are used to fabricate microchannels, differences in the EOF mobility from plastic to plastic ...

75. Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Published: 1/23/2006
Authors: Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: The process of self-assembly occurs naturally in living systems to form complex structures out of random events in an incredibly accurate way. Order out of disorder is achieved in a fashion that is analogous to a jigsaw puzzle where each piece fits t ...

76. Precise Characterization of Liposome Populations Formed in a 5-Channel Flow-Focused System
Published: 11/9/2006
Authors: Andreas Jahn, Wyatt N Vreeland, Don DeVoe, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: Previously, we demonstrated liposome formation using hydrodynamic focusing in a microfluidic network which enables us to produce liposomes of a controlled size and size distribution in a reproducible fashion [1]. Former measurements on liposomes were ...

77. Preparation of Nanoparticles by Continuous-Flow Microfluidics
Published: 2/15/2008
Authors: Andreas Jahn, Joseph E. Reiner, Wyatt N Vreeland, Don DeVoe, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: We review a variety of micro- and nanoparticle formulations produced with microfluidic methods. A diverse variety of approaches to generate micro-scale and nano-scale particles have been reported. Here we emphasize the use of microfluidics, specifica ...

78. Probing Electric Fields Inside Microfluidic Channels during Electroosmotic Flow with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry
Published: 9/1/2004
Authors: Samuel P Forry, J R Murray, Michael L. A. V. Heien, Laurie E Locascio, R M Wightman

79. Quantitative Measurements of the Size Scaling of Linear and Circular DNA in Nanofluidic Slitlike Confinement
Published: 2/14/2012
Authors: Elizabeth A Strychalski, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan, Laurie E Locascio, Samuel M Stavis
Abstract: Quantitative size measurements of single linear and circular DNA molecules in nanofluidic slitlike confinement are reported. A novel experimental method using DNA entropophoresis down a nanofluidic staircase implemented comprehensive variation of sl ...

80. Quantum Dot FRET Sensor for Enzymatic Activity in Microfluidic Device
Published: 6/22/2010
Authors: Georgeta Crivat, Sandra Maria Da Silva, Darwin R Reyes-Hernandez, Samuel P Forry, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan, Nitsa Rosenzweig, Zeev Rosenzweig
Abstract: This paper describes the development of new fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based quantum dot probes for proteolytic activity. The CdSe/ZnS quantum dots are incorporated into a thin polymeric film, which is prepared by layer-by-laye ...

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