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11. Assessment of Reliability Concerns for Wide-Temperature Operation of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Published: 12/31/1991
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, David L. Blackburn, George Gibson Harman, David Warren Berning

12. Assessment of Reliability Concerns for Wide-Temperature Operation of Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Published: 1/20/1996
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, David L. Blackburn, George Gibson Harman, David Warren Berning

13. Atomic Force Microscope Laser Illumination Effects on a Sample and Its Application for Transient Spectroscopy
Published: 9/23/2003
Authors: Gyoung Ho Buh, Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: A scanning capacitance microscope (SCM) is used to monitor the irradiation effect on a sample in a conventional atomic force microscope (AFM). The photo-excitation of carriers in a silicon sample caused by an AFM laser is measured from SCM capacitanc ...

14. Back-End-of-Line Test Structure Design and Simulation for Subsurface Metrology with Scanning Probe Microscopy
Published: 12/13/2013
Authors: Lin You, Emily Hitz, Jungjoon Ahn, Yaw S Obeng, Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: As demands in the semiconductor industry call for further miniaturization and performance enhancement of electronic systems, the traditional planar (2D) electronic interconnection and packaging technologies show their difficulties in meeting the ...

15. Boron-Implanted 6H-SiC Diodes
Published: 8/1/1993
Authors: M Ghezzo, D. M. Brown, E. Downey, J K Kretchmer, Joseph J Kopanski

16. Broad-Band Microwave-Based Metrology Platform Development: Demonstration of In-Situ Failure Mode Diagnostic Capabilities for Integrated Circuit Reliability Analyses
Published: 11/7/2014
Authors: Lin You, Chukwudi Azubuike Okoro, Jungjoon Ahn, Joseph J Kopanski, Yaw S Obeng, Rhonda R Franklin
Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the use of broadband high frequency electromagnetic waves (RF) to non- destructively identify, classify and characterize performance-limiting defects in emerging nanoelectronic devices. As an illustration, the impact of t ...

17. Calibrated nanoscale dopant profiling using a scanning microwave microscope.
Published: 1/3/2012
Authors: Pavel Kabos, Thomas M Wallis, H P. Hubner, I. Humer, M. Hochleitner, M. Fenner, M. Moertelmaier, C. Rankl, Atif A. Imtiaz, H. Tanbakuchi, P. Hinterdorfer, J. Smoliner, Joseph J Kopanski, F. Kienberger
Abstract: The scanning microwave microscope (SMM) is used for calibrated capacitance spectroscopy and spatially resolved dopant profiling measurements. It consists of an atomic force microscope (AFM) combined with a vector network analyzer operating between 1- ...

18. Calibration Techniques for Scanning Microwave Microscopy
Published: 7/1/2012
Authors: Thomas M Wallis, Atif A. Imtiaz, Alexandra E Curtin, Pavel Kabos, H. P. Huber, Joseph J Kopanski, F. Kienberger
Abstract: Two techniques are described for calibrating a scanning microwave microscope (SMM). The first technique enables spatially-resolved absolute capacitance measurements on the attofarad-to-femtofarad scale. The second technique enables profiling or dop ...

19. Capacitive Probe Microscopy
Published: 1/15/2002
Author: Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: A scanning capacitance microscope (SCM) combines a differential capacitance measurement with an atomic force microscope (AFM). The AFM controls the position and contact force of a scanning probe tip, and a sensor simultaneously measures the capacitan ...

20. Carbon nanotube applications to scanning probe microscopy for next generation semiconductor metrology
Published: 8/3/2010
Authors: Victor H. Vartanian, Paul McClure, Vladimir Mancevski, Joseph J Kopanski, Phillip D. Rack, Ilona Sitnitsky, Matthew D. Bresin, Vincent LaBella, Kathleen Dunn
Abstract: This paper presents an evaluation of e-beam assisted deposition and welding of conductive carbon nanotube (c-CNT) tips for electrical scanning probe microscope measurements. Variations in CNT tip conductivity and contact resistance during fabrication ...

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