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91. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy Measurements and Modeling: Progress Towards Dopant Profiling of Silicon
Published: 12/31/1995
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Jay F. Marchiando, J R. Lowney

92. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy Measurements and Modeling: Progress Towards Dopant Profiling of Silicon
Published: 2/1/1996
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Jay F. Marchiando, J R. Lowney

93. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy for Electrical Characterization of Semiconductors and Dielectrics
Published: 2/1/2007
Author: Joseph J Kopanski
Abstract: A Scanning Capacitance Microscope (SCM) combines an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with a 1-GHz tuned-LCR circuit to measure the capacitance between a conducting tip and sample. When applied to a semiconductor sample, an ac voltage at around 10 kHz is ...

94. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy for Measuring Device Carrier Profiles beyond the 100 nm Generation
Published: 12/31/2000
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Jay F. Marchiando, Brian G. Rennex
Abstract: The Scanning Capacitance Microscope (SCM) is a leading candidate for a metrology capable of measuring the two-dimensional (2-D) carrier profiles of cross-section silicon transistors. The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) ide ...

95. Scanning Capacitance Microscopy for Profiling PN-Junctions in Silicon
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Published: 12/1/1994
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Jay F. Marchiando, J R. Lowney, David G Seiler

96. Scanning Kelvin Force Microscopy For Characterizing Nanostructures in Atmosphere
Published: 9/30/2007
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Stoyan Jeliazkov, Weirong Jiang, Thomas R Walker
Abstract: The Electrostatic Force Microscope (EFM) and its variants are of interest for the measurement of potential distributions within nanostructures, and for work function measurements of gate metals for next generation CMOS. In phase mode, the EFM measure ...

97. Scanning Probe Microscopes for Subsurface Imaging
Published: 5/11/2014
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Lin You, Jungjoon Ahn, Emily Hitz, Yaw S Obeng
Abstract: Scanning probe microscopes (SPMs) have some ability to image sub-surface structures. This paper describes the theoretical and practical basis for imaging metal lines buried beneath insulating layers and for imaging insulating regions or voids within ...

98. Scanning Probe Microscopes for the Electrical Characterization of Semiconductors
Published: 3/4/2003
Author: Joseph J Kopanski

99. Scanning Probe Microscopy for Dielectric and Metal Characterization
Published: 6/10/2008
Authors: Joseph J Kopanski, Thomas R Walker
Abstract: The properties of both insulators and metals can be characterized capacitively with scanning probe microscopy, though the techniques employed are different. Intermittent contact scanning capacitance microscopy (IC-SCM) is a useful technique for chara ...

100. Scanning Probe Techniques for the Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Devices
Published: 7/1/1995
Authors: John A Dagata, Joseph J Kopanski

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