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91. Application of FTIR Remote Sensing Spectroscopy in Environmental Impact Assessments of Oil Fires
Published: 10/11/1993
Authors: Marc R. Nyden, William L. Grosshandler, Darren L Lowe, Richard H. Harris Jr., E Braun
Abstract: A series of laboratory measurements was conducted to determine the extent to which benzene and other aromatic components are destroyed when crude oil is burned on the open seas. The atmosphere above a pan containing Alaskan North Slope crude oil was ...

92. Solubilities of Nitrogen and Freon-23 in Alternative Halon Replacement Agents
Published: 5/11/1993
Authors: Jiann C Yang, B D Breuel, William L. Grosshandler
Abstract: As part of the USAF-sponsored halon replacement project, solubility measurements of nitrogen and Freon-23 in eleven potential halon replacement agents and evaluations of the thermodynamic properties of the agents are currently being conducted at NIST ...

93. Equivalency of the Rankings of Inhibitor Effectiveness for Combustion of Hydrocarbon Fuels
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Valeri Ivan Babushok, Wing Tsang, William L. Grosshandler
Abstract: The search for alternatives to halon 1301 has involved numerous flame studies, with the effectiveness of different agents compared using a range of gaseous and liquid fuels. Methane is the most convenient fuel for investigating the inhibition and ex ...

94. Recent Developments in Building Fire Detection Technologies
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William L. Grosshandler, Jason D Averill, Thomas George Cleary, D W Weinert
Abstract: Sensing technologies and their application to detecting fires in buildings continue to evolve, and recent advances are summarized in this article. Work being conducted at NIST on characterizing smoke and on bench-scale evaluation of multi-element d ...

95. Research & Development Program for the Safety of Threatened Buildings
Published: Date unknown
Author: William L. Grosshandler
Abstract: A series of tragic events in the United States over the past decade, punctuated by the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, has exposed the vulnerability of public buildings to uncontrolled fires, explosions, and biological attac ...

96. The International FORUM of Fire Research Directors: A Position Paper on Performance Based Codes and Performance Based Design for Fire Applications
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Paul Croce, William L. Grosshandler, Richard W. Bukowski, L A Gritzo
Abstract: The International Forum of Fire Research Directors (FORUM) periodically takes a position on a technical issue of international significance confronting the fire safety research community. The position of the FORUM on performance-based regulations, ...

97. The International Forum of Fire Research Directors: A Position Paper on Evaluation of Structural Fire Resistance
Published: Date unknown
Author: William L. Grosshandler
Abstract: The structural integrity of a building, and the safety of building occupants and first responders in an actual fire, will depend upon the quality of the structural design, the design of the active and passive fire protection and egress systems, and t ...

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