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21. An Experimental Investigation of Gypsum Board Partition Assembly Performance Under Real Fire Exposures
Published: 5/1/2006
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Richard George Gann
Abstract: The present paper compares the responses of wall-size partition assmeblies, composed of either type X or type C gypsum wallboaerd panels over steel studs, when each were exposed to an intense room fire. The exposurs lasted from the time of ignition t ...

22. Application of a Heat Release Criterion for Noncombustible Materials.
Published: 2/1/2005
Authors: Marc R. Nyden, Michael R. Smith, Richard George Gann, Richard N Walters

23. Assessing the Accuracy of a Physical Fire Model for Obtaining Smoke Toxic Potency Data.
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Richard George Gann, Jason D Averill, Nathan D Marsh, Marc R. Nyden

24. Assessing the Accuracy of a Physical Fire Model for Obtaining Smoke Toxic Potency Data.
Published: 9/3/2007
Authors: Richard George Gann, Jason D Averill, Nathan D Marsh, Marc R. Nyden
Abstract: A principal component of the engineering of a building is providing for the safety of occupants and responders in the event of a fire. This includes estimation of the time available for people to escape or to find safe refuge within. An accurate, qua ...

25. Assessment Methodology for the Fire Performance of School Bus Interior Components.
Published: 7/8/1991
Authors: E Braun, J H. Klote, S Davis, Barbara C. Levin, Richard George Gann, M Paabo
Abstract: A full-scale fire performance protocol for the evaluation of school bus seat assemblies was developed. This protocol is based on the results of full-scale testing of end-use seat assemblies and computer fire modeling of the ignition source and burnin ...

26. Challenges to Fire Safety in Tall Buildings.
Published: 10/16/2005
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: In order to increase the chances of survival during a fire emergency, the time available for a person to leave the danger zone must be longer than the time needed to make the escape. For tall buildings, providing time for people to reach safety requi ...

27. Chapter 2Combustion Products and Their Effects on Life Safety
Published: 6/30/2008
Authors: Richard George Gann, Nelson P Bryner
Abstract: All combustibles produce heat and smoke that, in sufficiently high concentration, may be hazardous to life safety. Incapacitation can result from exposure to the asphyxiant gases, irritant gases, and heat. Irritant gases and visible smoke can reduce ...

28. Collected Publications From the Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1069-1
Published: 12/6/2007
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: In its decade of systematic research (1997-2006), the NGP revitalized the field of fire suppression science. The NGP arose as a result of a discovery that garnered the Nobel Prize for two accomplished chemists and legislation that turned science int ...

29. Combustion Products and Their Effects on Life Safety.
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Richard George Gann, Nelson P Bryner

30. Compatibility of Halon Alternatives During Storage
Published: 8/21/1994
Authors: Richard George Gann, Carlos R Beauchamp, Thomas George Cleary, J L. Fink, Richard H. Harris Jr., F Horkay, G B. McKenna, Thomas P Moffat, Marc R. Nyden, Richard D Peacock, Richard E Ricker, Mark R Stoudt, W. K. Waldron
Abstract: A key facet of the evaluation of new fire suppressants is their behavior under pressure and at elevated temperature in a metal storage container with an elastomer seal. In this study, 13 candidate chemicals have been examines: C2F6, C3F8, C4F10, cycl ...

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