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71. A Comparative Study of CMM Flat-Surface Inspection Plans
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 4897
Published: 7/1/1992
Authors: J Hsu, T Hsu, James J Filliben, Ted Hopp
Abstract: This document reports on the findings from a collaborative effort by J. P. Hsu of the University of Texas at El Paso, T. W. Hsu (also of the same affiliation), James J. Filliben of the Statistical Engineering Division of the National Institute of Sta ...

72. An Orthogonal Design of Experiment / Exploratory Data Analysis for Putonium Contaminatian
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Hiromu Kurosaki, Robert Radford, James J Filliben, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: This paper describes statistical experimental design approach of identifying sources of Pu contamination throughout analysis of shellfish at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The potential sources of contamination included th ...

73. Development of the NIST Rocky Flats Soil Standard
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Svetlana Nour, James J Filliben, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Rocky Flats Soil-II Standard Reference Material (SRM) is being certified through a statistical analysis of results from an interlaboratory comparison of 14 laboratories from 4 countries. The ...

74. Draft Radioanalytical Water and Soil Performance Testing Uncertainty Acceptance Criteria Derived From Historical Mixed-Analyte Performance Evaluation Program Results
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kenneth G Inn, James J Filliben, James Dahlgran
Abstract: Radioanalytical performance testing programs provide radioassay laboratories, regulators and the public performance-based evidence that measurement capabilities are in control. Performance acceptance criteria that combine aspects of measurements dif ...

75. Learning to Recognize Distributional Functions
Report Number: 6187
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J E Devaney, L Hunter, James J Filliben
Abstract: This paper introduces a novel methodology that enables recognition of distributional functions without doing a fit of the data to the distribution. This methodology combines the technique of equation signatures, which uses coefficient independent pro ...

76. Reference Material 8785: Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media
Published: Date unknown
Authors: George A Klouda, James J Filliben, H J Parish, J C Chow, J Watson, R Cary
Abstract: Reference Material (RM) 8785 Air Particulate Matter on Filter Media is intended primarily for use in the evaluation of analytical methods used to characterize the carbon composition of atmospheric fine-particulate matter (PM) for national air quality ...

77. Robust Design of an Evolutionary Algorithm for Machining Optimization Problems
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Jean-Louis Vigouroux, Laurent Deshayes, Sebti Foufou, James J Filliben, Lawrence A Welsch, M. Alkan Donmez
Abstract: In this paper, a methodology for the robust design of an evolutionary algorithm is presented. The evolutionary algorithm (EA) is studied with the intention to solve machining optimization problems having highly non linear constraints and uncertaintie ...

78. Searching for the Most Robust Reference Value From Intercomparison Exercise -Seaweed Radionuclide Standard Reference Material (SRM 4359)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Iisa Outola, James J Filliben, Kenneth G Inn
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) seaweed Standard Reference Material (SRM4359) was developed through an intercomparison of 24 experienced laboratories. Several statistical techniques were evaluated for establishing reference ...

79. Tall Building Response Parameters: Sensitivity Study Based on Orthogonal Factorial Experiment Design Techniques
Published: Date unknown
Authors: James J Filliben, Emil Simiu
Abstract: This work has two objectives. The first objective is to introduce structural engineers to the experiment design technique, whose future applications may include, among others: the total response of tall buildings, and the nonlinear response to failur ...

80. Thermal Properties of Pyroceram Code 9606
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Daniel Robert Flynn, James H Yen, James J Filliben, Robert R Zarr, E M Hohlfeld
Abstract: In the late 1950s, Corning Glass Works measured the heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal expansion of Pyroceram Code 9606. In the early 1960s the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) measured the thermal diffusivity and the thermal conduct ...

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