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211. Fluctuation Effects on Surface Pattern Formation in Thin Block Copolymer Films
Published: Date unknown
Authors: A C Smith, Jack F Douglas, Eric J. Amis, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: Hole formation on the surface of thin block copolymer films is investigated as a function of time (t), temperature (T) and film thickness. The size of the holes, h^ds^, approaches a steady state value at long times h^ds,{infinity}^ = h^ds^(t -> {inf ...

212. Isothermal Stress and Elasticity Tensors for Ions and Point Dipoles Using Ewald Summations
Published: Date unknown
Authors: K Van Workum, K Yoshimoto, J J de Pablo, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: The isothermal stress tensor and isothermal elasticity tensor for systems of point charges and of non-polarizable point dipoles are derived from the strain derivatives of the free energy. For the case of point dipoles, it is shown that the angular de ...

213. Laser Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission, the Sudden Approximation and Quasiparticle-Like Spectral Peaks in Bi^d2^Sr^d2^Cu^d2^O^d8^+Delta
Published: Date unknown
Authors: j D Koralek, Jack F Douglas, N C Plumb, Z Sun, A V Fedorov, M M Murnane, H C Kapteyn, Steven T. (Steven T.) Cundiff, Y Aiura, K Oka, H. Eisaki, D S Dessau
Abstract: A new low photon energy regime of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy is accessed with lasers and used to study the hight T^dc superconductor Bi^d2^CaCu^d2^O^d8^d+^delta. The low energy increases bulk sensitivity, reduces background, and improv ...

214. Lattice Model of Equilibrium Polymerization.VI. Measures of Fluid Complexity and Search for Generalized Corresponding States
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J Dudowicz, Jack F Douglas, Karl Freed
Abstract: Particle association in complex fluids containing charged, polar, or polymeric molecular species often leads to deviations from the corresponding states description of simple fluids in which the molecules are assumed to have relatively symmetric ...

215. Model for Dispersion Rheology
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J Bicerano, Jack F Douglas, D A Brune
Abstract: A general model of the viscosity of complex-shaped particle dispersions is developed based on an exact virial expansion about the low concentration limit and a mathematical analogy between the hydrodynamics of concentrated particle suspensions and th ...

216. Obstruction Model of the Fractional Stokes-Einstein Relation in Glass-Forming Liquids
Published: Date unknown
Authors: D Leporini, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Diffusion of tracer molecules in glass-forming liquids is modeled in terms of diffusion in an obstructed space. For simplicity the obstructions are taken to be spherical and frozen in position. This idealized model of the long-lived dynamic heterog ...

217. Polycrystalline Growth: Dirt Versus Dynamical Heterogeneity
Published: Date unknown
Authors: L Granasy, T Pusztai, T Borzsonyi, James A Warren, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Most research into microstructure formation during solidification has focused on single crystal growth forms, ranging from faceted crystals to dendritic growth patterns. However, these growth forms can be peturbed by heterogeneities yielding a rich ...

218. Polymer-Surface Interactions in Nanfilled Polymers
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Alamgir Karim, Jack F Douglas, A Nakatani, Eric J. Amis, D B Majumdar
Abstract: We review recent investigations of conventional and nanoparticle filled polymers using atomic force and optical microscopy, scattering (x-ray, neutron and visible light) to characterize the influence of filler particles on the phase separation morpho ...

219. Polymeric Liquids and Networks: Structure and Properties by William W. Graessley
Published: Date unknown
Author: Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Given the constantly evolving nature of polymer science, it is difficult to construct a unified description of its basics concepts and phenomenology. Graessley approaches this problem by addressing his book to a specific audience- the industrial engi ...

220. Relationship Between Quantitative Dispersion and Physical Properties of PMMA/SWNT Nanocomposites
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Takashi Kashiwagi, Jeffrey A Fagan, Keith Yamamoto, A N Heckert, Stefan D Leigh, Jan Obrzut, F Du, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Minfang Mu, K Winey, R Haggenmueller, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Six PMMA/SWNT(0.5 wt%) nanocomposite samples intended to have different dispersion levels were prepared by the coagulation method using six different concentrations of SWNTs in DMF from 0.05 mg/ml to 1.2 mg/ml. The morphology of the samples was deter ...

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