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51. The Effect of Nanoparticle Shape on Polymer-Nanocomposite Rheology and Tensile Strength
Published: 2/23/2007
Authors: Scott Knauert, Jack F Douglas, Francis W. ~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Starr
Abstract: Nanoparticles can influence the properties of polymer materials by a variety of mechanisms. The molecular dynamics simulations in the present work focus on the case where the modification of the melt structure by glass-formation and entanglement inte ...

52. Crystallization-Induced Fluid Flow in Polymer Melts Undergoing Solidification
Published: 2/19/2007
Authors: Donghua Xu, Z G Wang, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: The formation of semi-crystalline plastic polymer materials often occurs under confinement conditions where high pressure imprinting or casting in a mold are involved. To gain insight into this highly non-equilibrium process, we examine the nature ...

53. Field-Induced Formation of Linear, Mesoscopic Polymer Chains From Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles
Published: 2/2/2007
Authors: Jason Benkoski, Steven Bowles, Bryan Korth, Ronald Leland Jones, Jack F Douglas, Alamgir Karim, Jeffrey Pyun
Abstract: Polymer-coated ferromagnetic colloids are first assembled with an applied magnetic field and then permanently fixed into one-dimensional mesostructures using a novel liquid-liquid interfacial system known as Fossilized Liquid Assembly. Using polysty ...

54. Pattern-directed to isotropic dewetting transition in polymer films on micropatterned surfaces with differential surface energy contrast
Published: 1/27/2007
Authors: D Julthongpiput, Wenhua Zhang, Jack F Douglas, Alamgir Karim, Michael J Fasolka
Abstract: Surface chemical patterns can both cause and direct dewetting in overlying thin films. However, a key factor in this behavior, the magnitude of surface energy differences between pattern domains ( ?g ), is largely unevaluated. To probe the effect o ...

55. Pattern-Directed to Isotropic Dewetting Transition in Polymer Films on Micropatterned Surfaces With Differential Surface Energy Contrast
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: D Julthongpiput, Wenhua Zhang, Jack F Douglas, Alamgir Karim, Michael J Fasolka

56. Photocurable Oil/Water Interfaces as a Universal Platform for 2-D Self-Assembly
Published: 12/14/2006
Authors: Jason Benkoski, Ronald Leland Jones, Jack F Douglas, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: We present a novel platform for the creation of 2-D assemblies from nanoscale building blocks. The system consists of an oil/water interface in which the oil phase can be flash-cured upon UV exposure. The photopolymerizable material, 1,12-dodecaned ...

57. Does Equilibrium Polymerization Describe the Dynamic Heterogeneity of Glass-Forming Liquids?
Published: 10/13/2006
Authors: Jack F Douglas, J Dudowicz, Karl Freed
Abstract: We examine whether the `dynamic heterogeneities' of glass-forming liquids can be described by equilibrium polymerization. This correspondence is first checked by demonstrating a resemblance between the T dependence of the configurational entropy s in ...

58. Characterization of Atomic Motions Governing Grain Boundary Migration
Published: 9/24/2006
Authors: Hao Zhang, David J Srolovitz, Jack F Douglas, James A Warren
Abstract: Molecular dynamics simulations were employed to study atomic motion within stationary and migrating asymmetric tilt grain boundaries. We employ several measures of the complexity of the atomic trajectories, including the van Hove correlation funct ...

59. A Hybrid Finite Element-Analytical Method For Determining the Intrinsic Elastic Moduli of Particles Having Moderately Extended Shapes and a Wide Rande of Elastic Properties
Published: 8/1/2006
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Jack F Douglas, Howard Hung
Abstract: The presence of a low (dilute) concentration of paniculate inclusions having any shape and any property mismatch with the matrix in which they are placed, influences the elasticity of the resulting composite material. This influence is via the intrin ...

60. Polycrystalline Patterns in Far-From-Equilibrium Freezing: A Phase Field Study
Published: 8/1/2006
Authors: L Granasy, T Pusztai, T Borzsonyi, G Toth, G - Tegze, James A Warren, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: We discuss the formation of polycrystalline microstructures with the framework of phase field theory. First, the model is tested for crystal nucleation in a hard sphere system. It is shown that, when evaluating the model parameters from molecular d ...

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