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21. Field Demonstration of Laser Scanning for Excavation Measurement
Published: 10/1/2000
Authors: Geraldine S Cheok, Robert R Lipman, Christoph Johann Witzgall, Javier Bernal, William C Stone
Abstract: The use of a scanning laser to measure terrain changes due to excavation at a construction site is described. The objective at this phase of the project is to develop the tools necessary to measure terrain changes in real-time. This paper focuses o ...

22. Fitting Spheres to Range Data from 3D Imaging Systems
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Marek Franaszek, Geraldine S Cheok, Kamel S Saidi, Christoph Johann Witzgall
Abstract: Two error functions used for nonlinear Least Squares (LS) fitting of spheres to range data from 3D imaging systems are discussed: orthogonal error function and directional error function. Both of the functions allow unrestricted gradient-based minimi ...

23. Gauging the Repeatability of 3D Imaging Systems by Sphere Fitting
Published: 9/30/2009
Authors: Marek Franaszek, Geraldine S Cheok, Kamel S Saidi
Abstract: Multiple scans of the same object acquired with 3D imaging system (e.g., laser scanner) in the same experimental conditions could provide valuable information about the instrument s performance (e.g., stability, existence of bias, measurement error). ...

24. Ground Truth and Benchmarks for Performance Evaluation
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: A Takeucki, Michael O Shneier, Tsai Hong Hong, Tommy Chang, Christopher J. Scrapper Jr, Geraldine S Cheok

25. Guidelines for Accepting 2D Building Plans
Series: OTHER
Published: 12/10/2008
Author: Geraldine S Cheok

26. Guidelines for Accepting 2D Building Plans (NIST IR 7638)
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7638
Published: 9/30/2009
Authors: Geraldine S Cheok, James J Filliben, Alan M. (Alan M.) Lytle
Abstract: The General Services Administration's (GSA) Public Buildings Services manages 1600 buildings totaling 180, 000, 000 square feet. GSA‰s ability to capture, validate, and report the spatial information of its building assets (e.g., dimensions, areas, a ...

27. Guidelines for the Registration of Two Coordinate Frames
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1911
Published: 3/2/2016
Authors: Geraldine S Cheok, Marek Franaszek
Abstract: The purpose of registration is to obtain the transformation matrix between two coordinate frames. Typically, sensors record positional measurements in their own local coordinate frame. When positional data are acquired by two instruments or two datas ...

28. Hybrid Reinforced Precast Frame for Seismic Regions
Published: 3/1/1997
Authors: J Stanton, William C Stone, Geraldine S Cheok
Abstract: A precast, prestressed concrete framing system for resisting earthquake loads is described. The system uses both unbonded post-tensioned reinforcement and bonded bar reinforcement. Tests hve shown that its performance is equal or superior to that of ...

29. Image-based 3D Mapping of Rebar Location for Automated Assessment of Safe Drilling Areas Prior to Placing Embedments in Concrete Bridge Decks
Published: 5/23/2012
Authors: Mani Golparvar-Fard, Behshad Ghadimi, Kamel S Saidi, Geraldine S Cheok, Marek Franaszek, Robert R Lipman
Abstract: This paper presents a new image-based approach for 3D mapping the locations of the rebar and embedded components in a railway bridge deck prior to placement of concrete. Our approach enables practitioners to quickly and automatically identify where t ...

30. LADAR Sensing Applications for Construction
Series: OTHER
Published: 6/1/2001
Authors: Geraldine S Cheok, William C Stone
Abstract: One potential breakthrough technology that stands to revolutionize construction surveying and status monitoring is known as laser range imaging. The device used to obtain the field data is known as a LADAR (Laser Distance and Ranging). With LADAR i ...

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