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31. Value Assignment of Nutrient and Aflatoxin Concentrations in Standard Reference Material 2387 Peanut Butter
Published: 10/3/2003
Authors: Katherine E Sharpless, C. S. Phinney, Laura J Wood, James H Yen, D W Howell

32. Value Assignment of Nutrient Concentrations in Standard Reference Material 2384 Baking Chocolate
Published: 10/25/2002
Authors: Katherine E Sharpless, Jeanice M Brown Thomas, Bryant C Nelson, C. S. Phinney, John R Sieber, Laura J Wood, James H Yen, D W Howell

33. Reconfigurable Machine Controllers using the OMAC API
Published: 5/1/2001
Authors: S Birla, D - Faulkner, John L Michaloski, S - Sorenson, G Weinert, James H Yen
Abstract: With enterprises facing tremendous time-to-market pressures, manufacturing systems must be implemented quickly and modified easily. The ability of the open architecture approach to reconfigure or extend existing machine controllers to meet new needs ...

34. Preparation and value assignment of Standard Reference Material 968c Fat-Soluble Vitamins, Carotenoids, and Cholesterol in Human Serum
Published: 3/1/2001
Authors: Jeanice M Brown Thomas, Margaret C Kline, L M. Gill, James H Yen, David Lee Duewer, Lorna Tregoning Sniegoski, Katherine E Sharpless

35. An Approach to Combining Results From Multiple Methods Motivated by the ISO GUM
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Published: 8/1/2000
Authors: M Levenson, D L. Banks, K Eberhardt, L M. Gill, William F Guthrie, Hung-Kung Liu, M Vangel, James H Yen, Nien F Zhang
Abstract: The problem of determining a consensus value and its uncertainty from the results of multiple methods or laboratories is discussed. Desirable criteria of a solution are presented. A solution based on the ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty i ...

36. Reliability of Conformance Tests
Published: 8/21/1998
Authors: Robert Charles Hagwood, Raghu N Kacker, James H Yen, D L. Banks, Lynne S. Rosenthal, Leonard J Gallagher, Paul E Black
Abstract: A conformance test is a software assurance test that is applied in order to determine if specification requirements of the software are being met. It is a time-dependent model, where the software object is subjected to an a priori known test suite. ...

37. Software Testing: Protocol Comparison
Published: 5/29/1998
Authors: James H Yen, D L. Banks, Leonard J Gallagher, Paul E Black, Robert Charles Hagwood, Raghu N Kacker, Lynne S. Rosenthal
Abstract: Software testing is hard, expensive, and uncertain. Many protocols have been suggested, especially in the area of conformance verification. In order to compare the efficacy of these protocols, we have implemented a designed simulation experiment th ...

38. An Estimate of Effect Size Based on the Mann-Whitney Statistic
Published: Date unknown
Author: James H Yen
Abstract: Meta analysis, the statistical synthesis of results from several different studies, often involves combining estimates of effect sizefrom several experiments. The standardized mean difference is one of the most commonly used estimates of effect size; ...

39. Determination of Caffeine, and Caffeine-Related Metabolites in Ephedra-Containing Standard Reference Materials Using Liquid Chromatography With Absorbance Detection and Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Jeanice M Brown Thomas, Katherine E Sharpless, S. Mitvalsky, Mark Roman, James H Yen, Mary B Satterfield
Abstract: The concentration of caffeine and caffeine-related compounds in two ephedra-containing reference materials have been determined by three independent methods with measurements performed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ...

40. Focal Adhesion of Osteoblasts-Like Cells on Films of Poly(d,l-lactide)/Poly(vinyl alcohol) Blends
Published: Date unknown
Authors: C A Khatri, G Du, E S Wu, James H Yen, Francis W Wang
Abstract: Films of poly(d,l-lactic acid) [PLA] and poly(vinyl alcohol) [PVOH] blends were prepared by a solvent casting method with the use of hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) as the solvent. The miscibility and the biocompatibility of the blend films over a wide ...

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