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1. High-gain cryogenic amplifier assembly employing a commercial CMOS operational amplifier
Published: 7/2/2015
Authors: Solomon I Woods, James E. Proctor, Alan W. Smith, Timothy M. Jung
Abstract: We have developed a cryogenic amplifier for the measurement of small current signals from cryogenic optical detectors. Typically operated with gain near 10^7, the amplifier performs well from DC to greater than 30 kHz, and exhibits noise level near ...

2. Planar electrical-substitution carbon nanotube cryogenic radiometer
Published: 3/30/2015
Authors: Nathan A Tomlin, Malcolm Graham White, Igor Vayshenker, Solomon I Woods, John H Lehman

3. Analysis of the Noise Spectra from Oxidized Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles
Published: 8/18/2014
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Snorri Ingvarsson, Shouheng Sun, John Kirtley
Abstract: Expressions for the thermal noise from a collection of exchange-biased magnetic nanoparticles are derived and used to analyze the magnetic noise from thin films of partially oxidized nanoparticles. Functionalized Co nanoparticles with diameters betw ...

4. Experimental measurements and noise analysis of a cryogenic radiometer
Published: 7/10/2014
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Timothy M. Jung, Adriaan C. Carter, Raju VSNU Datla , Stephen M. Carr
Abstract: A cryogenic radiometer device, intended for use as part of an electrical-substitution radiometer, was measured at low temperature. The device consists of a receiver cavity mechanically and thermally connected to a temperature-controlled stage through ...

5. Emissivity of Silver and Stainless Steel From 80 K to 300 K: Application to ITER Thermal Shields Temperatures
Published: 1/21/2014
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Timothy M. Jung, Dale R. Sears, Jie Yu
Abstract: The emissivities of thermal shield mock-up samples for ITER have been measured at sample temperatures between 80 K and 300 K using an optical method employing a primary standard broadband detector. These thermal shields, made from SS304L stainless s ...

6. Calibration of IR Test Chambers with the Missile Defense Transfer Radiometer
Published: 9/30/2013
Authors: Simon Grant Kaplan, Solomon I Woods, Adriaan Carl Linus Carter, Timothy Michael Jung
Abstract: The Missile Defense Transfer Radiometer (MDXR) is designed to calibrate infrared collimated and flood sources over the fW/cm2 to W/cm2 power range from 3 m to 28 m in wavelength. The MDXR operates in three different modes ...

7. Initial testing of a Si:As blocked-impurity-band (BIB) trap detector
Published: 10/31/2012
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Simon Grant Kaplan, Timothy M. Jung, Adriaan C. Carter, James E. Proctor
Abstract: We discuss the design, construction, and initial test results of a Si:As blocked-impurity-band (BIB) trap detector. The trap consists of two rectangular BIB devices configured in a v-shaped geometry. This trapping geometry is designed to ideally yie ...

8. Broadband Emissivity Calibration of Highly Reflective Samples at Cryogenic Temperatures
Published: 10/15/2012
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Timothy M. Jung, Greg Ly, Simon Grant Kaplan, Jie Yu
Abstract: We have developed a technique for calibrating the broadband optical emissivity of high reflectivity samples at cryogenic temperatures. This measurement method employs a primary standard optical detector with high absorptance from visible wavelengths ...

9. Calibration and Deployment of a New NIST Transfer Radiometer for Broadband and Spectral Calibration of Space Chambers (MDXR)
Published: 9/30/2011
Authors: Timothy M. Jung, Adriaan C. Carter, Solomon I Woods, Simon Grant Kaplan
Abstract: The Low-Background Infrared (LBIR) facility at NIST has performed on-site calibration and initial off-site deployments of a new infrared transfer radiometer with an integrated cryogenic Fourier transform spectrometer (Cryo-FTS). This mobile radi ...

10. Characterization of the Optical Properties of an Infrared Blocked Impurity Band Detector
Published: 8/20/2011
Authors: Solomon I Woods, Simon Grant Kaplan, Timothy M. Jung, Adriaan C. Carter
Abstract: Si:As blocked impurity band detectors have been partially deprocessed and measured by Fourier transform spectroscopy to determine their transmittance and reflectance at cryogenic temperatures over the wavelength range 2 µm to 40 µm. The effective pr ...

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