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141. Phase Relations in Ba-(Nd,Eu,Gd)-Cu-O Coated Conductor Films
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Igor Levin, Joseph J. Ritter, Lawrence P. Cook, Guangyao Liu, Makoto Otani, Christopher E Lucas, Shailee P Diwanji, Ron Feenstra, P Goyal, Mark D Vaudin
Abstract: Knowledge of phase relations in thin films of Ba2RCu3O6+x (where R=lanthanides or mixed lanthanides) is needed to guide the processing of coated conductors. High-temperature X-ray diffraction studies of Ba2RCu3O6+x films deposited using the trifluor ...

142. Preface for Proceedings of the 'Perovskite Oxides for Electronic, Energy Conversion, and Energy Efficiency Applications' Session of the ACS 101st Annual Meeting
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, T G Holesinger, G N Riley, R Guo
Abstract: This manuscript is the preface for the proceedings of the focused session 'Perovskite Oxides for Electronic, Energy Conversion, and Energy Efficiency Applications,' which was held April 25-28, 1999, in Indianapolis, IN, during the 101st annual meetin ...

143. Processing of High Temperature Ceramic Superconductors
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P Goyal, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Y Murakami, D Driscoll
Abstract: The contents of this transaction volume comprise the proceedings of the Electronics Division Focused Session HighTemperature Superconductor Processing during the American Ceramic Society annual meeting at St. Louis, MO, from April29 to May 1, 2002.. ...

144. Report of the 1997 Materials Research Society Annual Meeting
Published: Date unknown
Author: Winnie K Wong-Ng
Abstract: A brief description of the scientific program of the 1997 Materials Research Society annual meeting which took place in Boston Copley Square from November 31 to December 5, 1997 is given.

145. Role of Melting Equilbria in the Processing of High T-c Superconductors in the BSCCO System
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Lawrence P. Cook, Anthony J Kearsley, A R Roosen
Abstract: Three types of liquids were found in the BSCCO system: transient, metastable, and stable liquids. The roles of these liquids are discussed with examples, including the role of metastable liquid in the formation of the (Bi,Pb)-2223 phase, application ...

146. Structure Refinement of the High-Temperature Triclinc Form of BiTaO^d4^ From Neutron Powder Diffraction
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P DeSanto, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Zhi Yang, Jeremy Charles Cook, B H. Toby
Abstract: The structure of the high-temperature form of BiTaO4 has been refined using neutron powder diffraction data. The unit cell is triclinic, P (Sp. Gr. #2) with a = 7.66312(16) , b = 5.58825(11) , c = 7.78659(16) , ? = 90.0573(10)?, ? = 77.0388(9)?, ...

147. Structure and Crystal Chemistry of M^d0.5^Ta^d0.5^B (M = Ti, Zr, and Hf)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: I Talmy, J Zaykoski, J A Kudak, Winnie K Wong-Ng
Abstract: During the development of refractory composites (cermets) combining MB2 (M=Ti, Zr, or Hf) ceramics and Ta metal, three new phases of compositions M0.5Ta0.5B were discovered. Preliminary determination of lattice parameters using x-ray powder diffracti ...

148. Subsolidus Phase Equiibria of the 2223 (Bi:Sr:Ca:Cu) Phase at 840 C to 850 C in Air
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Lawrence P. Cook, F Jiang, L Swartzendruber, P Sastry
Abstract: The subsolidus phase equilibria involving the Bi-2223(Bi^d2^Sr^d1.9^Ca^d2.1^Cu^d3^O^d10+x^) phase in the Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system (BSCCO) were investigated at 840-850The subsolidus phase equilibria involving the Bi-2223(Bi2Sr1.9Ca2.1Cu3O10+x) phase in th ...

149. Subsolidus Phase Relationships of the BaO-R^d2^O^d3^-CuO^dz^ (R=Tm and Yb) Systems Under Carbonate-Free Conditions at p^do2^ = 100 Pa, and T = 750 Degree Celcius and 810 Degree Celcius
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Zhi Yang, Lawrence P. Cook
Abstract: For applications of phase equilibria to coated conductor processing, phase diagrams constructed under carbonate-free conditions should be employed. Using special apparatus and a procedure for preparing carbonate-free precursors based on BaO, phase di ...

150. Synthesis and Structure of a New Zeolite-Like Framework Phase in the Na-Ge System: Na^d1-x^Ge^d3+z^
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Matthew Beekman, James A Kaduk, Qingzhen Huang, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Zhi Yang, Dongli Wang, George S. Nolas
Abstract: During an attempt to synthesize NaGe136 (a Type-II clathrate) using a vacuum decomposition technique, a novel Na-Ge phase was obtained instead. The framework of this new phase was determined using the combined results of synchrotron, neutron, and lab ...

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