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31. Simultaneous Determination of Inorganic Mercury, Methylmercury, and Total Mercury Concentrations in Cryogenic Fresh-Frozen and Freeze-dried Biological Reference Materials
Published: 10/1/2007
Authors: David Point, William C Davis, J. I. Garcia Alonso, Mathilde Monperrus, Steven J Christopher, O.F. X. Donard, Paul R Becker, Stephen A Wise
Abstract: A double spike speciated isotope dilution (DS-SID) reaction model was developed to study and correct for the inadvertent transformations affecting methylmercury (MeHg), inorganic mercury (iHg) and total mercury (HgT) measurements in biological tissue ...

32. Characterization of a Suite of Ginkgo-Containing Standard Reference Materials
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Catherine A Rimmer, S. Howerton, Katherine E Sharpless, Lane C Sander, Stephen E Long, Karen E Murphy, Barbara J. Porter, K. Putzbach, M. S. Rearick, Stephen A Wise, Laura J Wood, Rolf Louis Zeisler, Diane K. Hancock, James H Yen, J. M. Betz, A. NguyenPho, L. Yang, C. Scriver, S. N Willie, R. Sturgeon, B. Schaneberg, C. Nelson, J. Skamarack, M. Pan, L. Kerri, D. Gray, E. H. Waysek, A. Blatter, E. Reich

33. Determination of Bitter Orange Alkaloids in Dietary Supplement Standard Reference Materials by Liquid Chromatography with Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: K. Putzbach, Catherine A Rimmer, Katherine E Sharpless, Stephen A Wise, Lane C Sander

34. Preparation and Characterization of Standard Reference Material 3276 Carrot Extract in Oil
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Katherine E Sharpless, Jeanice M Brown Thomas, David Lee Duewer, K. Putzbach, Catherine A Rimmer, Lane C Sander, Michele M Schantz, Stephen A Wise, T. Yarita, James H Yen

35. Standard Reference Materials for Foods and Dietary Supplements
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Katherine E Sharpless, Jeanice M Brown Thomas, Steven J Christopher, Robert R. Greenberg, Lane C Sander, Michele M Schantz, Michael James Welch, Stephen A Wise

36. Spotlighting NIST Standard Reference Materials - New Standard Reference Material (SRM) 2585 Organic Contaminants in House Dust to Support Exposure Assessment Measurements
Published: 6/1/2007
Authors: Michele M Schantz, Jennifer M Keller, John R Kucklick, Dianne L Poster, H M. Stapleton, S S Vander Pol, Stephen A Wise
Abstract: House dust originates from both internal and external sources and has been identified as one of the primary sources of lead exposure for children ( House dust is also a repository for pesticides, flame retardants, and other ...

37. Development of a House Dust Standard Reference Material for the Determination of Organic Contaminants
Published: 4/15/2007
Authors: Dianne L Poster, John R Kucklick, Michele M Schantz, Stacy S Vander-Pol, Stefan D Leigh, Stephen A Wise

38. 10th International Symposium on Biological and Environmental Reference Materials (BERM 10)
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: Stephen A Wise, Hendrik Emons

39. Determination of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in Environmental Standard Reference Materials
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: H M. Stapleton, Jennifer M Keller, Michele M Schantz, John R Kucklick, Stefan D Leigh, Stephen A Wise

40. Development and Application of an Ultratrace Method for the Speciation of Organotin Compounds in Natural Cryogenic Homogenized Biological Materials
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: David Point, William C Davis, Steven J Christopher, Michael B. Ellisor, Rebecca S Pugh, Olivier F. X. Donard, Paul R Becker, Barbara J. Porter, Stephen A Wise

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