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141. Quasi-TEM Model for Coplanar Waveguide on Silicon
Published: 10/1/1997
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Michael D Janezic, A. Ralston
Abstract: This paper compares a simple quasi-TEM model for coplanar waveguide fabricated on moderately doped silicon substrates to measurement. While the coplanar waveguide currents and magnetic fields are unaffected by the substrate, a simple capacitive mode ...

142. Characterization of Coplanar Waveguide on Epitaxial Layers
Published: 8/14/1997
Authors: Dylan F Williams, J. M Belquin, Alain Spisser, Alain Cappy, G. Dambrine
Abstract: We examine the effect of thin AlInAs/GaInAs epitaxial layers on the propagation of electrical signals in coplanar waveguide transmission lines fabricated on semi-insulating indium phosphide substrates. We show that argon isolation implants effectivel ...

143. A Complete Multinode Equivalent-circuit Theory for Electrical Design
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Published: 8/1/1997
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Roger Marks, L. A. Hayden

144. Embedded multiconductor transmission line characterization
Published: 6/8/1997
Author: Dylan F Williams
Abstract: This paper presents a measurement method that characterizes lossy printed multiconductor transmission lies embedded in transitions, connectors, or packages with significant electrical parasitics. We test the method on a pair of lossy coupled asymmetr ...

145. Characterization of Embedded Multiconductor Transmission Lines
Published: 6/1/1997
Author: Dylan F Williams

146. Permittivity Characterization from Transmission-Line Measurement
Published: 6/1/1997
Authors: Michael D Janezic, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We analyze three accurate broadband techniques for measuring the complex permittivity of dielectric substrates using coplanar waveguide transmission-line measurements and demonstrate good agreement with single-frequency cavity measurements.

147. Multiconductor Transmission Line Characterization
Published: 5/1/1997
Author: Dylan F Williams
Abstract: This paper presents a measurement method that completely characterizes lossy printed multiconductor transmission lines. It determines not only the matrices of impedances and admittances per unit length describing the transmission line in the conducto ...

148. Compensation for Geometrical Variations in Coplanar Waveguide Probe-Tip Calibration
Published: 4/1/1997
Authors: David K Walker, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We show how coplanar-waveguide probe-tip scattering parameter calibrations performed in one coplanar waveguide conductor geometry may be adjusted for measurement in another. The method models the difference between the two probe-tip-to-coplanar-waveg ...

149. Calibration in Multiconductor Transmission Lines
Published: 12/1/1996
Author: Dylan F Williams
Abstract: Abstract: This paper presents a calibration and measurement method for circuits embedded in lossy printed multiconductor transmission lines. The experimental results illustrate the complexity of the modal representation and the utility of the conduct ...

150. Modal Cross Power in Quasi-TEM Transmission Lines
Published: 11/1/1996
Authors: Dylan F Williams, F. Olyslager
Abstract: This paper examines modal cross power in electromagnetic transmission lines. It shows that the cross powers of nearly degenerate modes may be large in quasi-TEM multiconductor transmission lines typical of modern electronic circuits at moderate and ...

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