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21. Identifying RF Identification Cards from Measurements of Resonance and Carrier Harmonics
Published: 5/27/2010
Authors: Henry Romero, Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Chih-Ming Wang, Timothy X. Brown
Abstract: We show that careful measurements of the unloaded resonant frequency and quality factor of radio frequency identification proximity cards allow identification of different card models and, for the set of cards we studied, identification with mini ...

22. Correcting sampling oscilloscope timebase errors with a passively mode-locked laser that is phase-locked to a microwave oscillator
Published: 4/1/2010
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Paul D Hale, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: In this paper, we describe an apparatus for correcting the timebase errors when calibrating the response of an equivalent-time sampling oscilloscope using a passively mode-locked erbium doped fiber laser that is phase locked to a microwave signal gen ...

23. Uncertainty calculation for spectral-responsivity measurements
Published: 9/1/2009
Authors: John H Lehman, Chih-Ming Wang, Marla L Dowell, Joshua Aram Hadler
Abstract: This paper discusses a procedure for measuring the absolute spectral responsivity of optical-fiber power meters and computation of the calibration uncertainty. The procedure reconciles measurement results associated with a monochromator-based measure ...

24. Electromagnetic Measurements for Counterfeit Detection of Radio-Frequency Identification Cards
Published: 5/2/2009
Authors: Henry Romero, Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: We investigate a technique for counterfeit detection of radio-frequency identification cards based on the electromagnetic characteristics of the cards rather than the digital information that they transmit. We describe a method of measuring the elect ...

25. Calculation of pulse parameters and propagation of uncertainty
Published: 3/1/2009
Authors: Paul D Hale, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: The fundamental starting point for the analysis of all two-state waveforms is the determination of the low- and highstate levels. This is a two-step process. First, the data are grouped into points belonging to each state, and second, the value of ea ...

26. Three Statistical Paradigms for the Assessment and Interpretation of Measurement Uncertainty
Published: 1/12/2009
Authors: William F Guthrie, Hung-Kung Liu, Andrew L Rukhin, Blaza Toman, Chih-Ming Wang, Nien F Zhang
Abstract: The goals of this chapter are to present different approaches to uncertainty assessment from a statistical point of view and to relate them to the methods that are currently being used in metrology or are being developed within the metrology communit ...

27. Fiducial Intervals for the Magnitude of a Complex-Valued Quantity
Published: 12/19/2008
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: This paper discusses a fiducial approach for constructing uncertainty intervals for the distance between k normal means and the origin. When k=2 this distance is equivalent to the magnitude of a complex-valued quantity. Uncertainty intervals for the ...

28. A robust algorithm for eye-diagram analysis
Published: 11/1/2008
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Paul D Hale, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: We present a new method for analyzing eye diagrams that always provides a unique solution by making use of a robust, least-median-of-squares (LMS) location estimator. In contrast to commonly used histogram techniques, the LMS procedure is insensit ...

29. Charpy Machine Verification: Limits and Uncertainty
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Jolene D Splett, Christopher N McCowan, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to clarify some issues pertaining to uncertainty statements and the ASTM E 23 limits used in the Charpy machine verification program. We explain some of the distributional subtleties associated with uncertainty and ult ...

30. Fiducial approach for assessing agreement between two instruments
Published: 7/9/2008
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: This paper presents an approach for making inferences about the intercept and the slope of a linear regression model with both variables subject to measurement errors. The approach is based on the principle of fiducial inference. A procedure is prese ...

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