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1. Long-Term Stability of One-Inch Condenser Microphones Calibrated at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 120.012
Published: 8/17/2015
Authors: Randall P Wagner, William F Guthrie
Abstract: The devices calibrated most frequently by the acoustical measurement services at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) over the 50-year period from 1963 to 2012 were one-inch condenser microphones of three specific standard t ...

2. NIST System for Measuring the Directivity Index of Hearing Aids under Simulated Real-Ear Conditions
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 118.005
Published: 1/24/2013
Author: Randall P Wagner
Abstract: The directivity index is a parameter that is commonly used to characterize the performance of directional hearing aids, and is determined from the measured directional response. Since this response is different for a hearing aid worn on a person ...

3. New Measurement Service for Determining Pressure Sensitivity of Type LS2aP Microphones by the Reciprocity Method
Published: 10/1/2011
Authors: Randall P Wagner, Victor Nedzelnitsky, Steven Earl Fick
Abstract: A new NIST measurement service has been developed for determining the pressure sensitivities of American National Standards Institute and International Electrotechnical Commission type LS2aP laboratory standard microphones over the frequency range 31 ...

4. Determination of Wave Motion Correction Values Required for Comparison Calibrations of a New Working Standard Microphone.
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7526
Published: 12/11/2008
Authors: Randall P Wagner, Victor Nedzelnitsky
Abstract: Comparison calibrations of microphones based on the reciprocity method are performed with both the microphone under test and a reference standard microphone inserted into an acoustical coupler. For these calibrations, the wave motion correction W is ...

5. Non-contact Methods for Measuring Front Cavity Depths of Laboratory Standard Microphones Using a Depth-Measuring Microscope
Report Number: 823015
Published: 3/3/2008
Authors: Victor Nedzelnitsky, Randall P Wagner
Abstract: To achieve an acceptable degree of accuracy at high frequencies in some standardized methods for primary calibration of laboratory standard (LS) microphones, the front cavity depth lfc of each microphone must be known. This dimension must be measured ...

6. Effect of Power Line Interference on Microphone Calibration Measurements made at or near Harmonics of the Power Line Frequency
Published: 3/1/2007
Authors: Randall P Wagner, Victor Nedzelnitsky
Abstract: The electrical measurements required during the primary calibrations of laboratory standard microphones by the reciprocity method can be influenced by power line interference.  Because of this influence, the protocols of international inter-labo ...

7. Methods for hearing aid directivity index measurements under simulated real-ear conditions
Published: 9/1/2005
Author: Randall P Wagner
Abstract: One technique traditionally used to measure the directivity index of hearing aids involves acquiring data with sound source locations (at multiple azimuth angles) restricted to the horizontal plane. For measurement of the directivity index of a hear ...

8. Guide to Test Methods, Performance Requirements, and Installation Practices for Electronic Sirens Used on Law Enforcement Vehicles
Report Number: 500-00
Published: 8/1/2000
Author: Randall P Wagner
Abstract: Sirens are devices that produce warning sounds. Siren sounds are intended to help alert the public that an emergency vehicle (e.g., police car, ambulance, fire truck) is nearby and responding to an emergency. These sounds should be recognized as the ...

9. Determination of acoustic center correction values for type LS2aP microphones at normal incidence
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: Randall P Wagner, Victor Nedzelnitsky
Abstract: Frequency-dependent acoustic center correction values are required to obtain accurate microphone calibrations in the free-field by the reciprocity technique. These values were determined for IEC type LS2aP microphones at normal incidence by utilizing ...

10. NIST Hearing Aid Test Procedures and Test Data
Published: 3/1/1994
Authors: Randall P Wagner, E D Burnett
Abstract: A description is given of the hearing aid testing done for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Emphasis is given to the determination of the insertion frequency response using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques, but the other measurements entai ...

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