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91. ITS-90 Calibration of Radiometers Using Wire/Thin-Film Thermocouples in the NIST RTP Tool: Effective Emissivity Modeling
Published: Date unknown
Author: Benjamin K Tsai
Abstract: In the NIST Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) project, the goal is to achieve {+ or -} 2 degrees C in temperature accuracy at 1000 degrees C. The light pipe radiation thermometers (LPRTs) were calibrated in the RTP tool against new combination wire/thin ...

92. Impact of Directional Properties on the Radiometric Temperature Measurement in Rapid Thermal Processing
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yong Zhou, Y J Shen, Z M Zhang, Benjamin K Tsai, D P DeWitt
Abstract: A quasi-Monte Carlo method has been developed to predict the effective emissivity for accurate radiometric temperature measurement in rapid thermal processing (RTP) furnaces. The hemispherical effective emissivities calculated from the Monte Carlo m ...

93. Infrared Emittance Measurements at NIST
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, Benjamin K Tsai, Sergey Mekhontsev
Abstract: A new capability for the measurement of the temperature-dependent emittance of specular samples in the near infrared spectral region has been developed in NIST s Infrared Spectrophotometry Laboratory to provide emittance measurements and standards fo ...

94. Modeling Chamber Radiation Effects on Pyrometric Temperature Measurement in Rapid Thermal Processing
Published: Date unknown
Authors: F Rosa, Yong Zhou, Z M Zhang, D P DeWitt, Benjamin K Tsai
Abstract: A detailed analysis of the radiation environment in the lower chamber of the RTP test bed at the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) is performed to improve the accuracy of radiation thermometry. The models developed in this work co ...

95. NIST Measurement Services: Heat Flux Sensor Calibration
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Benjamin K Tsai, Charles E Gibson, S. E. Nagler, D P DeWitt, Robert D. Saunders

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