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1. A Guide to Printed and Electronic Resources for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7390
Published: 2/28/2007
Authors: Robert E Chapman, Douglas S Thomas
Abstract: Economic tools are needed to help the owners, managers, and designers of constructed facilities to select cost-effective combinations of mitigation strategies that respond to natural and man-made hazards. Economic tools include evaluation methods, s ...

2. A Guide to Printed and Electronic Resources for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1082
Published: 7/31/2008
Authors: Douglas S Thomas, Robert E Chapman
Abstract: Developing a cost-effective risk mitigation plan involves assessing the risks associated with natural and man-made hazards, formulating combinations of mitigation strategies for constructed facilities exposed to those hazards, and using economic tool ...

3. A Life-Cycle Cost Comparison of Exit Stairs and Occupant Evacuation Elevators in Tall Buildings
Published: 4/1/2012
Authors: David T Butry, Robert E Chapman, Allison L. Huang, Douglas S Thomas
Abstract: Recent changes in the International Building Code (IBC) require a third exit stair for buildings in excess of 420 ft (128 m) high. Additionally, the new code provision allows for occupant evacuation elevators (OEE) to be used as an alternative to th ...

Published: 7/20/2010
Authors: Robert E Chapman, Jeffrey T Fong, David T Butry, Douglas S Thomas, James J Filliben, Nathanael A Heckert
Abstract: This paper is built around ASTM E 2506, Standard Guide for Developing a Cost-Effective Risk Mitigation Plan for New and Existing Constructed Facilities. E 2506 establishes a three-step protocol--perform risk assessment, specify combinations of risk ...

5. Annual Manufacturing Review
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1901
Published: 12/15/2015
Authors: Douglas S Thomas, Anand Mani Kandaswamy
Abstract: This report provides an overview of the US manufacturing industry. There are three aspects of U.S. manufacturing that are considered: (1) how the US industry compares to other countries, (2) the trends in the domestic industry, and (3) the industry t ...

6. Areas of the U.S. wildland‹urban interface threatened by wildfire during the 2001‹2010 decade
Published: 4/1/2014
Authors: Douglas S Thomas, David T Butry
Abstract: The wildland‹urban interface (WUI) is defined in terms of housing density and proximity to wildlands, yet its relevance seems to be only in conjunction with wildland fire threats. The objective of this paper is to (1) identify the WUI areas threatene ...

7. Benefits and Costs of Research: A Case Study of Improved Service Life Prediction
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1650
Published: 10/15/2009
Authors: Robert E Chapman, David T Butry, Allison L. Huang, Douglas S Thomas
Abstract: This report focuses on a critical analysis of the economic impacts of research conducted by BFRL s Service Life Prediction (SLP) Program for High-Performance Polymeric Construction Materials. The SLP Program is an interdisciplinary research effort w ...

8. Costs and Cost Effectiveness of Additive Manufacturing
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1176
Published: 12/5/2014
Authors: Douglas S Thomas, Stanley W Gilbert
Abstract: The use of additive manufacturing has increased significantly in previous years. Additive manufacturing is used by multiple industry subsectors, including motor vehicles, aerospace, machinery, electronics, and medical products. Currently, however, ad ...

9. Economic Impact of Improved Service-Life Prediction for Seams in Low-Slope EPDM Roofing
Published: 10/5/2014
Author: Douglas S Thomas
Abstract: In the early part of the 1970's built-up-roofing dominated the U.S. membrane roofing industry. It was estimated that 10 to 15 percent of these roofs failed, but by the late 1980's new membranes were being rapidly adopted. Among them, EPDM (ethylene-p ...

10. Economics of Egress Alternatives and Life-Safety Costs
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1109
Published: 9/30/2010
Authors: Robert E Chapman, David T Butry, Allison L. Huang, Douglas S Thomas
Abstract: Fire protection measures are needed to maintain the safety and integrity of the Nation s building stock and to limit loss of life and property when building fires do occur. Statistics published by the National Fire Protection Association demonstrate ...

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