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31. Chemical and Physical Characterization of Poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) Fibers Used in Body Armor
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7237
Published: 5/1/2006
Authors: Joannie W Chin, E Byrd, Amanda Lattam Forster, Xiaohong Gu, Tinh Nguyen, Kirk D Rice, Walter J. Rossiter Jr, S J Scierka, John R Sieber, Paul E Stutzman, Li Piin Sung
Abstract: Problems with the performance and durability of body armor based on poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole (PBO) fiber became apparent in the summer of 2003, when PBO-based body armor that was less than 8 months was penetrated by a bullet. Mechanical te ...

32. Structure Development in Aerogel-Processed Nanocrystalline Alkaline-Earth Oxides as Revealed by SANS
Published: 8/1/2005
Authors: Vincent A Hackley, P K Stoimenov, D L Ho, Li Piin Sung, K J Klabunde

33. Advanced Techniques for Nanocharacterization of Polymeric Coating Surfaces.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: X Gu, Tinh Nguyen, Li Piin Sung, M J Fasolka, Jonathan W. Martin, M R Vanlandingham, Y C Jean, D Nguyen, N K Chang, T Y Wu

34. Effect of Microstructure of Fluorinated Acrylic Coatings on UV Degradation Testing.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Li Piin Sung, Silvia Vicini, D L Ho, L Hedhli, C Olmstead, K A Wood

35. Measurement Approaches to Develop a Fundamental Understanding of Scratch and Mar Resistance.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: M R Vanlandingham, Li Piin Sung, N K Chang, T Y Wu, S H Chang, V D Jardret

36. Microstructure and Morphology of Amine-Cured Epoxy Coatings and Their Changes With Outdoor Exposures: An AFM Study.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: X Gu, Tinh Nguyen, D L Ho, M Oudina, David Martin, Bouchra Kidah, J Jamin, Aziz Rezig, Li Piin Sung, E Byrd, Jonathan W. Martin, Y C Jean

37. Relationship Between Chemical Degradation and Thickness Loss of an Amine-Cured Epoxy Coatings Exposed to Different UV Conditions.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Aziz Rezig, Tinh Nguyen, David Martin, Li Piin Sung, X Gu, J Jamin, Jonathan W. Martin

38. Use of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy for Characterizing Changes in Film Thickness and Local Surface Morphology of UV Exposed Polymer Coatings.
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Li Piin Sung, J Jasmin, X Gu, Tinh Nguyen, Jonathan W. Martin

39. Metrology for Characterizing Sratch Resistance of Polymer Coatings.
Published: 10/27/2004
Authors: Li Piin Sung, P L Drzal, M R Vanlandingham, T Y Wu

40. Relating Gloss Loss to Topographical Features of a PVDF Coating.
Published: 10/27/2004
Authors: J Faucheu, Li Piin Sung, Jonathan W. Martin, K A Wood

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