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61. Characterization of Ternary Compounds in the BaO:Fe^d2^O^d3^:TiO^d2^ System: Ba^d6^Fe^d45^Ti^d17^O^d106^ and BaFe^d11^Ti^d3^O^d23^
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: Terrell A Vanderah, Winnie K Wong-Ng, B H. Toby, V. M. Browning, Robert D Shull, Richard G. Geyer, Robert S. Roth
Abstract: Single crystals of Ba^d6^Fe^d45^Ti^d17^O^d106^ and BaFe^d11^Ti^d3^O^d23^ were obtained as major and minor co-products, respectively, by slow-cooling an off-stoichiometric BaO:Fe^d2^O^d3^:TiO^d2^ melt. The former compound exhibits variable stoichiome ...

62. Magneto-Optical Measurements of Co-Pt (111) Multilayers
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: R A Fry, Lawrence Herman Bennett, Edward Della Torre, Robert D Shull, William F. Egelhoff Jr., R FC Farrow, C H Lee
Abstract: An automated magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) magnetometer was used to measure the polar Kerr rotation and ellipticity loops of multilayers with X = 0.3 nm to 1.2 nm. For most of the samples studies, the hysteresis loops exhibit typical perpendicu ...

63. Design of Nanocrystalline Magnetic Materials and Their Applications as Soft Magnets and Magnetic Refrigerants
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Freemon Johnson, Robert D Shull
Abstract: This review is divided into two main parts, with the common theme of nanocrystalline metallic magnetic alloys. The first part will introduce soft magnetic materials and describe how nanocrystalline magnetic materials perform in this capacity. The dis ...

64. Mossbauer Study of NaCl-Coated Fe Nanoparticles
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull, N Gorshkov, Michael Russel Zachariah
Abstract: The potential use of magnetic nanoparticles as a very efficient refrigerant for magnetic refrigerators at temperatures well above 4.2 K was recently suggested [1,2]. Suitable for this purpose NaCl-coated iron nanoparticles were synthesized in a sodi ...

65. Thermal Neutron Demagnetization of NdFeB Magnets
Published: Date unknown
Authors: R Klaffky, Richard Mark Lindstrom, Brian B. Maranville, Robert D Shull, B Micklich, J Vacca
Abstract: To isolate the effect that thermal neutrons have on Nd2Fe14B permanent magnets, the magnetization and coercivity were studied as a function of dose. The changes in remanent magnetization are substantial and are attributed to boron thermal neutron ca ...

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