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51. Flux Loss Measurements of Ag- Sheathed Bi-2223 Tapes
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: Mi-Hye Jang, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Robert D Shull, Lawrence P. Cook, DeaSik Suh
Abstract: Alternating current (AC) losses of two Bi-2223 ([Bi, Pb] : Sr : Ca : Cu :O = 2:2:2:3) tapes [one untwisted (Tape I, twist-pitch of mm) and the other with a twist-pitch of 8mm (Tape II)] were measured and compared. These samples, produced by the powd ...

52. Experimental Verification of Interactions Between Randomly Distributed Fine Magnetic Particles
Published: 10/1/2003
Authors: S Taketomi, Robert D Shull
Abstract: We experimentally examined whether or not a magnetic fluid (MF) is really superparamagnetic by comparing the initial magnetic susceptibilities of the mother MFs with those of their highly diluted solutions (more than 1000 times diluted) in which t ...

53. Morphology of Yttrium-Iron Garnet Nanoparticles Dispersed Glass Composites.
Published: 5/15/2003
Authors: Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull

54. Nucleation and Evolution of Hybrid Spin Spiral in Soft/Hard Ferromagnetic Bilayer
Published: 5/15/2003
Authors: Yury P. Kabanov, V S Gornakov, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: The hybrid exchange spring behavior in a bilayer consisting of an epitaxial film of Fe (500 A)/Sm{u2^}Co{^u7^}(350 A) deposited onto a Cr(200 A) buffered MgO(110) substrate was investigated using the magneto-optical indicator film technique. Two c ...

55. Room Temperature Active Regenerative Magnetic Refrigeration: Magnetic Nanocomposites
Published: 5/15/2003
Authors: F Shir, L Yanik, Lawrence Herman Bennett, Edward Della Torre, Robert D Shull
Abstract: Nanocomposites have several advantages as a refrigerant for 100 -300 K applications, compared to the other common methods of assembling a magnetic refrigeration bed, such as a layered arrangement of the thermal bed or mixing of different magnetic mat ...

56. Stationary Antiferromagnetic Domains During Magnetization Reversal in an Exchange-Biased FeMn/Fe76Mn6C18 Bilayer
Published: 5/15/2003
Authors: Robert D Shull, Alexander J. Shapiro, V S Gornakov, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, H W Zhao
Abstract: Domain processes were observed at 300K using the magneto-optic indicator film technique (MOIF) in an exchange-coupled ferromagnet (FM)/antiferromagnet (AF) bilayer Fe76MN6C18 (150 )/FeMn (100 ) deposited under the presence of a 0.4 mT magnetic fiel ...

57. Ru Spacer Thickness Dependences of the Domain Nucleation and Growth in Co/Ru/Co Synthetic Antiferromagnet
Published: 3/1/2003
Authors: V S. Gornakov, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, William F. Egelhoff Jr., Robert D McMichael, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: The relative orientation of Co magnetization vectors in a Co/Ru/Co/Ta structure vary gradually from parallel to antiparallel orientation as a function of Ru thickness varying from 0 nm to 1.0 nm. At intermediate average Ru thicknesses from 0.2 nm to ...

58. Enhanced Magnetocaloric Effects in R^d3^(Ga^d1-x^Fe^dx^)^d5^O^d12^ (R=Gd, Dy, Ho; 0
Published: 1/31/2003
Authors: Virgil Provenzano, J Li, T T King, E R Canavan, P Shirron, M J DiPirro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: A series of R^d3^(Ga1-xFex)5O12 (R=Gd, Dy, Ho; 0 ...


59. Structural Effects on the Magnetic Character of Yttrium-Iron-Garnet Nanoparticles Dispersed in Glass Composites
Published: 11/13/2002
Authors: S Taketomi, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: We obtained dispersed-nanocrystal/glass composites by impregnating amorphous yttrium iron garnet (YIG) nanoparticles (made by an alkoxide method) into the 49 nanometer diameter pores in the sponge-like structure of porous silica glass (controlled p ...

60. Structural Effects on the Matgnetic Character of Yttrium-Iron-Garnet-Nanoparticles Dispersed in Glass Composites
Published: 11/13/2002
Authors: S Taketomi, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: By absorbing amorphous yttrium iron garnet (YIG) nanoparticles into the nanometer pores of the sponge-like structure of porous silica glass (controlled pore glass or CPG) followed by heat treatment, we obtained dispersed-nanocrystal/glass composites. ...

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