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41. Details of the Sequential Steps in Magnetocaloric Regeneration
Published: 6/8/2005
Authors: F Shir, Lawrence Herman Bennett, Edward Della Torre, C Mavriplis, L Yanik, Robert D Shull
Abstract: We report on the first demonstration of the four sequential steps in magnetocaloric regeneration of a magnetocaloric material: magnetization, warm blow, demagnetization, and cold blow. The experimental results display temperature divergence due to re ...

42. Magnetic Properties of the Co-C{d60} and Fe-C{d60}Nanocrystalline Magnetic Thin Films
Published: 4/21/2005
Authors: L A Zheng, E V Barrera, Robert D Shull
Abstract: The basic magnetic properties of Co-C{d60} and Fe-C{d60} nanocrystalline magnetic thin films and the temperature effects of these properties have been investigated. Experimental results show that the Co-C{d60} films possess an in-plane magnetic anis ...

43. Antisymmetric Magnetoresistance in Magnetic Multilayers With Perpendicular Anisotropy
Published: 1/6/2005
Authors: X M Cheng, Sergei Urazhdin, T Tchernyshyov, C L Chien, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: While magnetoresistance (MR) has generally been found to be symmetric in applied field H in non-magnetic or magnetic metals, we have observed antisymmetric MR in Co/Pt multilayers. Simultaneous domain imaging and transport measurements show that the ...

44. Modeling of Magnetization and Demagnetization in Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration
Published: 7/2/2004
Authors: F Shir, Edward Della Torre, Lawrence Herman Bennett, C Mavriplis, Robert D Shull
Abstract: A time-dependent model of magnetization and demagnetization temperature profile is developed based on thermodynamic and heat transfer laws, material properties, and variable-field magnet parameters. Test results of a magnetic refrigeration test bed o ...

45. Near Elimination of Large Hystersis Losses in the Gd5Ge2S12 Magnetic Refrigerant Compound by a Small Alloying Addition of Iron.
Published: 6/24/2004
Authors: Virgil Provenzano, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull

46. Reduction of Large Hysteresis Losses in the Gd^d5^uGe^d2^uSi^d2^u Magnetic Refrigerant Compound by a Small Alloying Addition of Iron
Published: 6/24/2004
Authors: Virgil Provenzano, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: This paper describes the discovery of an effective and straightforward method for reducing (by more than 90 percent) the large hysteresis losses observed in the Gd5Ge2Si2 magnetic refrigerant compound in the 270 K-300 K temperature range. These are ...

47. Peak Magnetocaloric Effects in Al-Gd-Fe Alloys
Published: 6/1/2004
Authors: Virgil Provenzano, Alexander J. Shapiro, T T King, E R Canavan, P Shirron, M J DiPirro, Robert D Shull
Abstract: The magnetocaloric properties of several AlxGdyFez (with x+y+z=100) ternary alloys have been determined between 2-300 K. Three distinct peaks in the magnetic entropy change Sm vs T were found: a low temperature peak (near 10 K), an intermediate t ...

48. Magnetic Properties of a High Energy Ball-Milled Amorphous Gd_{5}Si_{1.8}Ge_{1.8}Sn_{0.4} Alloy
Published: 5/14/2004
Authors: Tiebang Zhang, Virgil Provenzano, Robert D Shull, Y. G. Chen
Abstract: Amorphous Gd_{5}Si_{1.8}Ge_{1.8}Sn_{0.4} has been obtained with the help of a high-energy ball milling technique. XRD and DSC measurements confirm the amorphous nature of the milled alloy. The separation of FC and ZFC curves below the ferromagnetic t ...

49. Magneto-optic Indicator Film Observations of Domain Motion in Magnetostrictive Materials Under Stress
Published: 1/8/2004
Authors: Robert D Shull, E Quandt, Alexander J. Shapiro, S Glasmachers, M. Wuttig
Abstract: The magneto-optic indicator film (MOIF) technique was used to image the magnetic domain structure in a Tb40Fe60/Fe50Co50 multilayer as either a stress or a perpendicular magnetic field was applied to the material. These observations showed that the ...

50. Anomalous Magnetic Aftereffect of a Frozen Magnetic Fluid
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: S Taketomi, R V Drew, Robert D Shull
Abstract: A very stably dispersed magnetic fluid (MF) was zero-field-cooled from room temperature of 5 K followed by the application of a magnetic field of 2.86 MA/m for 300 seconds. After the field was removed (t = 0), its residual magnetization M was measur ...

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