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21. Sequential Testing to Guarantee The Necessary Sample Size in Clinical Trials
Published: 1/1/2010
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: The paper addresses the sequential sampling issues related to attainment of a given number of events in a Poisson process. The problem of guaranteeing the necessary sample size is formulated as that of open-ended hypothesis testing in which one has ...

22. Conservative Confidence Ellipsoids for Linear Model Parameters
Published: 12/1/2009
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: This paper studies properties of conservative confidence ellipsoids for parameters of a general linear model. These regions are obtained on the basis of a linear estimator when only a vague knowledge of (heterogeneous) error variances is available ...

23. Weighted Means Statistics in Interlaboratory Studies
Published: 5/6/2009
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: The usefulness of weighted means statistics as a consensus mean estimator in collaborative studies is discussed. A random effects model designed to combine information from several sourcesis employed to justify their appeal to metrologists. Some met ...

24. Identities for Negative Moments of Quadratic Forms in Normal Variables
Published: 4/15/2009
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: Two formulae for the central inverse moments of a Quadratic form in normal variables and of the ratio forms are established.  They relate the quadratic form determined by a positive definite matrix to that defined by the inverse matrix.

25. Report on Acceleration Comparison SIM.AUV.V-K1 - Draft B
Published: 3/20/2009
Authors: David J. Evans, Adriana Hornikova, Stefan D Leigh, Andrew L Rukhin, William E Strawderman
Abstract: The first regional key comparison in vibration conducted under the auspices of the Inter-American System of Metrology (SIM) was begun in 1996. The comparison was registered with the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) through the Con ...

26. Three Statistical Paradigms for The Assessment and Interpretation of Measurement Uncertainty
Published: 1/12/2009
Authors: William F Guthrie, Hung-Kung Liu, Andrew L Rukhin, Blaza Toman, Chih-Ming Wang, Nien F Zhang
Abstract: The goals of this chapter are to present different approaches to uncertainty assessment from a statistical point of view and to relate them to the methods that are currently being used in metrology or are being developed within the metrology communit ...

27. Testing Randomness via Aperiodic Words
Published: 11/11/2008
Authors: Andrew L Rukhin, Z Volkovich
Abstract: The properties of statistical procedures based on numbers of occurrences of aperiodic patterns in a random text are summarized. The asymptotic formulas for the expected value of the number of aperiodic words occurring a given number of times, and fo ...

28. Stopping Rules in Balanced Allocation Problems: Exact and Asymptotic Distributions
Published: 7/1/2008
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: The properties of balanced randomization procedures for several treatments under a general (non-uniform) assignment are reviewed. The truncated multinomial design and the random allocation rule are comparer in terms of selection bias and accidental b ...

29. Estimation and Testing for the Common Intersection Point
Published: 8/22/2007
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: The problem of estimating a common intersection point from a collection of straight lines and of testing the hypothesis that such a point exists are considered. The relationship to the error-in-variables regression and to the intersection-union princ ...

30. Statistics in Metrology: International Key Comparisons and Interlaboratory Studies
Published: 7/10/2007
Authors: N Sedransk, Andrew L Rukhin, Blaza Toman
Abstract: An approach to the analysis of key comparisons data is proposed using a model taken from meta-analysis metrology. Under the assumption of Gaussian distributions and equivalent qualification of all participating laboratories the analysis of data fro ...

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